3 Types of Forex Charts and How to Read Them


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What charts are, how to pick timeframes, how charts are formed, and price scaling. Support and Resistance What support and resistance are, where they are established, and methods used. Trend Lines What trend lines are, scale settings, validation, angles, and more. Gaps and Gap Analysis A gap is an area on a price chart in which there were no trades. Gaps show that something important has happened to the fundamentals of or the mass psychology surrounding a stock. Introduction to Chart Patterns A brief review of what chart patterns are, and how to recognize them.

Chart Patterns A collection of articles describing common chart patterns. CandleVolume A price chart that merges traditional candlesticks with volume. Elder Impulse System A charting system developed by Alexander Elder that colors price bars based on simple technical signals.

EquiVolume Price boxes that are sized based on their trading volume. Heikin-Ashi A candlestick method that uses price data from two periods instead of one. Kagi Charts A Japanese charting method based on volatility and reversal amounts. Renko Charts A Japanese charting method that uses boxes that rise and fall in degree patterns. Three Line Break Charts Charts that move up and down based on a stock's volatility.

MarketCarpets A charting tool used to visually scan large groups of securities. Seasonality Charts A charting tool that shows monthly seasonal patterns for a security. Introduction to Candlesticks An overview of candlesticks, including history, formation, and key patterns. Candlesticks and Traditional Chart Analysis Using candlesticks with moving averages, volume, and chart patterns. With Edraw , you don't have to spend tons of time drawing pie charts by hand any more.

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