Behr Deckover Product Review


I noted some comments in the forum that indicate bleach prevented adhesion of top coatings; simple pressure washing apparently worked better.

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The parts of the deck that were under porch overhang have held up very well. We prepped our deck and it was very clean when we applied the deck over, and it has held up very well in the areas not exposed to the weather. BUT where the sun and rain hits it it bubbles and peels. Really mad that we used this product and very annoyed that are still selling it.

We now have a mess to deal with and may just end up ripping up part of the deck and replacing. This product is a big headache and we regret ever using it. Paid to have it applied by my contractor, who I love btw. But, the product is cra and I wish I had that bucks back.

The condition of the wood, the prepping, weather, and the application process makes this product work as advertised. Like all stains, transparent, Semi, or Solid, the application process is the key. I have a 2 tiered deck, in rough shape when I purchased the house. So I scrubbed it with a deck brush, scrubbed and scrubbed until I broke the handle in half. I let it sit for 3 days in the sun, no rain. It dried out completely, no moisture, no morning dew, nothing.

I purchased two 5 gallon buckets of DeckOver textured espresso color for the decking and sprayed the spindles white. I took a paint mixer to it for a solid 5 minutes. I noticed the viscosity was ultra thick. Not wanting to purchase anymore product, I had an idea.

Instead, I placed the 5 gal buckets in my SUV, which heats up to about during the day in the sun. This remarkably thinned it to a manageable level to roll and achieve maximum coverage. I went to town on this deck, evenly rolling it to a perfect finish. The wood was so dry, it soaked it up, almost drying it within minutes. I painted the steps with a mini-roller to a textured finish as well. I removed the spindles prior to rolling the decking. This allowed me to keep rolling continuously.

The other problems in the reviews especially with pictures is the wood conditioning. Even stains, with or without color fade after a couple years. Should you expect this in Florida on a beachside home, no.

I live in Minnesota, for ten straight days the temperature was -1 degree or colder. It would probably help but it would no fix the issues of the Behr Deckover. The Gulf is a completely different product. We have never tried it but there have been a few comments from consumers. Seems it peels like many of the others.

I would like to paint my deck railings white and was going to use one of these products — is there one you would recommend over the other for this purpose or an alternative acrylic paint brand? The deck on my home was painted with Deckover before I bought it. As far as sanding goes, this stuff peels but you practically have to sandblast the rest of it off!

We had a fence installed a year ago and a new deck installed in March. Is there something else you would recommend that I could go look at before having to order online?

Thank you for taking time to read my question. Is the Behr product I currently have ok for my fence? We like these brands best: The Behr is not a good product but it should be decent on a fence since it will have a lot less chance of peeling. Behr only has 3 colors in the oil that they sell at local retailers.

They have chocolate , cedar and a clear. I not sure if the color will cover well because it is designed to sink into the wood and be semi transparent.

You might have to replace the wood that you have stained to get a constant color throw out the fence. I would take one the boards to a local Home Depot and do a test to see what the color will look like when you cover it with a darker color. What you might want to do is finish the color that you have them go back an do a second coat of a darker color on the fence.

Deckover and its like are absolute garbage! I have plus sqft of deck that I put Behr Deckover on and is absolutely ruined. I am thrilled to see that there are numerous class actions against these products. I am lucky I saved receipts and have plenty of photos.

I also have expert testimony from a licensed contractor stating the cause is an inferior product that in no way can come close to what it claims on its packaging. I hope to recoup most of what it costs me to replace my deck. I also regularly go to the two big box stores and stick flyers all over the place about these products. Lowes sells Deck Restore which has already lost a multimillion dollar lawsuit.

I have been asked never to return to the Home Depot because I was handing out flyers to customers who were purchasing or listening to lying employees who were recommending this actively to customers. I still frequent the parking lot at Home Depot and hand flyers to people as they exit the store with this product. Most turn right around and return it, but some are Behr fanboys and just walk away.

I feel bad for them because there is no way they will be satisfied with the results. We used Behr Deck Over after prepping our deck summer of Within the first month we started noticing it flaking off, touched up those spots.

These photos are from May If we get a good wind, you can watch it fly right off. They did give us a full refund, but the time wasted doing the project and now undoing the project is ridiculous.

We have Behr Deck over on our deck. It was applied by the previous owners prior to purchasing our home two years ago. It is in horrible condition Peeling but we do not have the money saved up to replace the deck.

What can I do to salvage this? Put more Behr Deck over on? If power washing or stripping does not work, what are my options? I was thinking a solid stain would work better but it looks like I cannot put that on top since I have what is considered a deck resurfacer. The only way to fix this is to sand it all off or replace the wood. You cannot cover this with another stain or product. We also were talked into the Restore product purchased at Home Depot.

We put it on the top planks that goes around the deck which we are currently replacing currently and on the floor of our deck. Our deck is doing exactly the same thing. When I went to talk with Home Depot, they claimed it was supposed to be warranted for life, however, they no longer carry it. As the man said on, option is to replace the flooring. No way to get it off. We have a problem!! We used the Rust-Oleum Deck Restore product and it never lasted 1 year!

It is peeling and looks terrable! Went to show pictures at Home Depot where I bought it and told them and said many others had similar problems, needless to say we are VERY Unhappy, because now requires alot more work to strip the rest off and put new product down…hopefully better than this!!!!

First, sales of our Restore product line during the three-month period ended February 28, were below historical and expected operating results and significant downward adjustments were recently made to sales projections for Restore products. After considering the magnitude of the loss in sales volume from this key customer, we determined that it was necessary to perform an interim assessment for our Restore intangible assets. I am quite surprised to see so many negative comments on these products.

I used Behr Deckover approximately 4 or more years ago on our deck. We had some rough wood, splinters and cracks. This is the first year I have had problems with it peeling. I came to this site to get suggestions on how to recover it… Areas that are protected are still in excellent shape. The railings and steps are peeling quite a bit now. I am hoping to replace the railings with something else and hope I can attach to existing deck.

In the areas where the surface is not peeling can I simply paint over it? I plan to use this same product again. Initially it was good and true to advertising. Unfortunately, after a few months it started peeling in large, long pieces. When I mentioned it to someone in Home Depot they basically told me that there was nothing to be done since I did not have the receipt even though I had photos.

It looked really nice for the rest of the summer. Then it Happened, it started peeling, popping and just Flying off in the wind. There is no more paint left now, BUT, the repercussions Are still there. They did refund me for the paint after a long back and forth ordeal. They wanted to replace the paint.. As a matter of fact, I rarely shop at Home Depot at all anymore. Only if there is something I Have to have , that Only they have.

No matter if it is this product or ANY paint product that is applied to a deck surface, if the deck boards are smooth which most decking boards are, the product has nothing to adhear to… This is also why all directions on spray cans also tell you to lightly sand between each coat of spraying… The more you ruff up the surface, the better chance of it NOT lifting..

As long as there is no moisture in the wood from rain etc.. I have been using the Behr textured deckover paint for 3 years. Each year I have to redo many sections. Even on newer replaced boards.

It chips and bubbles like it never stuck to the boards which I prepped. I have a very large deck and redoing anything would take forever and cost way too much. So in the end I continue to clear out the damaged areas and buy more paint and fill them in. In the end I guess it just is what it is unfortunately.

I used Restore back in using Restore deck cleaner and followed the directions. This was right around the time the company was being purchased by Rustoleum. It was sold at Home Depot. I have not had any peeling or flaking issues whatsoever. This stuff wears like iron. Not sure if the current products out there will be as good. My initial feeling, I loved how it looked. My story is similar to most.

I used Behr Deckover two years ago and it started to chip before it had been down a year. Just had my contractor here to give an estimate to redo it and of course, it is another 3, dollars! I am looking for alternate solutions, but removing this finish is going to be a pain. Has anyone heard of Armor Poxy Renew Resurfacing for wood and concrete?

Supposedly, a higher end commercial product. I am researching it. I used deck restore 10x on a deck that was built in , installed 5 years ago in the florida sun and it still looks great. Yesterday i put cedartone 10 x on a neighbors deck, used a cleaner prep, restore primer and 2 coats of 10x. If there is adhesion problems do not blame it on the product, surface was not prepped right, no bonding primer used or previous coating will not let any product other than itself to adhere to it.

When I used it in Wisconsin and Iowa, it was before they came out with the primer to use before hand and adhesion was pretty good, but it would flake up in spots, especially in Iowa where my deck was exposed to late afternoon sun. In Texas, my deck is much larger and needed staining so I gave it one more try, this time prepping it with the primer.

There is absolutely no flaking and it looks great. I used Rust-Oleum Deck restore 4x 3 years ago. I followed instructions to the tee, having taught Kindergarten, I follow all rules and instructions. We had installed a new section of deck adjacent to an older section, and waited one year for the new wood to age. We also applied to another small deck.

I power washed, cleaned with their deck cleaner, waited for perfect summer weather over a period of two weeks. Allowed both decks to dry completely. The second year, it got worse, this third year it is awful. Big strips peeling up on all sections. There are shards of this stuff everywhere -in our pool, gardens and tracked into the house.

Sticks to bottom of shoes and feet. There is wood rot both in the older and new deck boards. Now I am supposed to strip and sand all this stuff off?

I power washed and was able to get a lot off. I am too old to be on my hands and knees dealing with this situation. Olympic Rescue-It does not live up to any of its product claims. I did contact them and they refunded me without much resistance telling me they are aware of all its issues. Plus it is very expensive and labor intensive to apply. I do not recommend this product and PPG is currently under a class action lawsuit as well.

I had my front porch, landing and steps painted with Deck Over two years ago — it is cracking, peeling etc. The house is 6 years old and now needs help! Used Behr Deckover…in Kalamazoo, Michigan on my deck that happens to be on the north side of the house, hence the section closest to the house has responded differently to the application.

The attached image was taken after I started to scrape it. I came across this website as I took a break and to let my temper simmer down. Having committed to it the first time, I feel like I have no other recourse outside of replacing the entire deck.

I would not suggest using a deck resurfacing product to anyone that I like. Stick with traditional stain, it gives you more options down the road. I wish that I had never seen the product and regret it each day I step on it.

Used Behr Deckover on exposed deck. Nightmare to cover with another product. Used it on deck that was covered and it has held up well. Did you prime the deck before applying the product that you are having trouble with.. Just used Olympic Rescue-It and my results were awful.. So pissed off right now. But I have a question as well. Had to replace a lot of boards that were rotted. We have a wonderful wrap around porch that we love, and the railing was white all around the front and side, but where the back deck started, we chose years ago to paint the railing brown.

I think because painting the floor surface and the railing could be knocked out quickly translated: We never really liked it, but we left it. You know those projects, right? It was just starting to look tired and worn, so we started researching deck products.

You can have Rustoleum Restore colors mixed in Behr Deckover product, but not the other way around. The great thing and maybe something else may not know about these products is that they now come in samples. So glad they finally started doing that for exterior deck stains and colors! We liked the way the color was just slightly darker than our siding, and the color seemed like the fresh update that we were looking for! You can use deck cleaners with bleach, but this time we did not.

I had my doubts when we first started painting it on the deck because painting a wrap around porch is a HUGE undertaking, especially when you do it DIY!

I think because the color we chose is a gray brown taupey color, it changes based on the lighting and time of day more so than other colors. We did that, and still doubted it, but after it was completed, we loved it! We also wanted to paint all the old brown railing white to freshen and update the back porch area. It took a while to master it with a few drips and clogs, but once he did, he really liked it! Here is a shot of the overall porch color stair risers NOT painted yet coming together.

At this point in the painting process, we were hugely fatigued, but started seeing hope. And our backs and knees tell no lies….. Behr Deckover is an amazing product that revives old wood and gives it new life. I would highly recommend this product from the Home Depot! To read more about Behr Deckover, click here. I was not compensated in any way for this product, nor was I asked to write a review.

Just love to share great products when I try them! Melanie, it looks so great! We really liked the product, and it has improved the appearance of our older deck and porch greatly! Thanks for stopping by and commenting…. They are large dogs, too. It has held up to the elements under the covered porch area, as well as on the exposed areas. Thank you for your question, and I hope that helps!

Thank you very much for the review. I have refinished my deck with top quality stains roughly once every two years. The problem I have is our two large dogs. They quickly damage the finish with their nails, especially near the door.

You mentioned that your deck sees dog traffic…I was wondering how it holds up to scratching? I appreciate any thoughts that you have on the topic. Thanks again for taking the time to write your review. Hi, Eric- thanks for reading the post. Yes, the Behr Deckover has held up very well to dog paws and claws on our wraparound porch and deck stairs! As far as scratching or peeling of the deck paint material, there is none of that at this time.

It has only been months since we applied the product, and I will update at 6 months to a year and see how it has held up at that point.

I just started using deck over because my friend liked the results. I have read many terrible reviews of this product. I live in Alabama. Are you still happy with your deck? Cathy, yes, we have had really good results with the Behr Deckover product. We have 2 Weimaraners that walk on it daily and the material is really tough and durable. Hi, I am just about to do my deck as well hopefully this weekend. Do I understand correctly from your review that you used the Deckover in a sprayer for the rails?

That would sure make things easier if it does. Any tips to make this work and avoid clogs? No, we did not use the Behr Deckover in the paint sprayer. We also had a small paint brush on hand for touch ups. That saved us tons of time. Unfortunately, it is a time consuming process painting the Behr Deckover product on, but it has proven worthwhile.

It still looks great months later! Hello and thank you for writing this review on Deckover! We are thinking about using Deckover and I found your information to be very useful.

I am also wondering how it is holding up now? Any peeling or chipping? Thank you for your comment, Carolyn! Yes, our deck and covered porch where we used the Behr Deckover still looks great.

We are very happy with the product, and we had also read negative reviews on many of the porch paints, but we prepped our areas really well see previous comments and replies and let everything dry completely.

Our experience was a great one, and the product has a good warranty on it, as well. Not quite a year, but close. How is it holding up? Is it peeling at all? Hi thank you for your post. We are considering using this product on our sf deck and wondered if the product held up over the winter? The reviews were very scary.

Deckover looks like a magnificent face lift……year one. It then peels off like a face mask…. The TV ad was too good to be true. I have a huge mess on my porch floor, and a huge mess on my railings that are covered with flies. Almost a year later, everything has held up great- no flaking, peeling, etc. We do have 2 large dogs, so the color I chose does show some Georgia red clay, but we will use the pressure washer gently on those areas.

We only used the Behr Deckover on our porch floor and stairs, not our railing or spindles. We also prepped it really well by pressure washing everything thoroughly and letting it dry really well. I will update with pics soon, but so far, so good! You should contact Home Depot with your complaints. We had the exact experience. As soon as the first winter was over large sheets of paint started peeling off.

They are sending us 10 gallons of paint and are paying for us to rent a sander. And I suppose it will have the same results!! Not happy at all. Sorry you had such bad luck with Behr Deckover. We are still very pleased with ours and it looks great!

Hope you have better luck next time! I have no idea why that is happening to people. We had a great experience, and a little over a year later, our deck still looks great from the Behr Deckover product. Did you prep the area really well prior to using it? We pressure washed the deck, steps, and all railing and let it dry very good first.

Maybe you could contact Home Depot? There is a pretty long warranty on the product. Our porch still looks great a little over a year later! Just wanted to say that my husband and I used this product and we hate it. Lasted only a few months before it has chipped off terribly.

We followed all the steps. And it took us 2 full weekends and then some. We have to replace our deck now. Sorry to be a downer on your post.

Just wanted to let you know that not everyone had a great experience with this product. We pressure washed and thoroughly cleaned out deck, stairs, and railing prior to using the product and let it dry well.

Maybe reach out to Home Depot and see what they have to say, their recommendations, etc. The product has a good warranty coverage on it. Our porch was in sad shape very worn and porous prior to us repainting it with this Deckover product, so it made a significant improvement and is still holding up well a little over a year later. You did nothing wrong if you followed the instructions on the product can. The only reason I can think that this woman had a good experience is the surface painted with Deck Over is covered.

I used Deck Over on my deck in September and it is chipping and peeling on the horizontal surfaces. Plus the wood is damp underneath! However, he just repainted that section by rolling more on top and so far, so good. But to answer your original question- no, the Behr Deckover has never chipped or peeled for us in any places.

It has shown dirt in a few places, but we live in Georgia and have red clay dirt and 2 large Weimaraners. I stand by my original post and can honestly say we are very happy with the results 2 years later! We have covered areas of porch AND exposed areas and stairs and both areas are consistent in appearance! Maybe our Southern humidity and mild Winters factor in?

Love how your porch turned out. But my deck is exposed year around to the sun. Not a good product!