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Today it fight agains sex-dating. The core of all services is mail, than if was extended by Google search engine, which was changed for Yandex engine in It was founded in and today it belong to Allegro Group Ukraine.


Ким Кардашян ще става майка за Ким Кардашян ще става майка за четвърти път.

In the following letter I am giving you official notice to repair the damage and to correctly assess the situation before the forthcoming legal actions. In the past months my profile, which I regularly use to spread fact checked statements about government corruption and oppression of free speech, has been blocked and I have been deprived of the opportunity to exercise the rights guaranteed to me by the Bulgarian Constitution, American Constitution [1] , and the European Convention on Human Rights [2].

The team responsible for assessing why my profile was blocked yet again has failed to take any action and to properly assess the content posted by me and restore my profile rights, even after multiple pleas and requests on my behalf.

I am a reasonable man however, this is ridicules and direct oppression of my voice, as well as to the many other advocates for human rights in Bulgaria who have shared the same fate as me due to the contents they post. I like to declare again that I have never been sued and or cautioned for slander and defamation, I have never been challenged on the facts that my statements in an official manner. To the best of my knowledge the reason my voice is muted is because fake or bribed profiles who report my posts and as a result my page becomes blocked.

I appreciate that the measures put forward by you and I find them to be of sound logic, reasonable and just however, failure to assess them over and over means that you are at fault here too. I have brought to the attention, of the relevant departments, these facts and I have related all the relevant information and offered my full support so that the matter can be resolved through the proper process. Evidently, the matter cannot be resolved by you through the measures put up by your company, that is why its time for me to take the matters into my own hands and raises to your attention to these problems and hopefully you will respond to them in the way these matters deserve to be treated.

Consider this letter my official notice to you, if within ten working days as of November 22, , you fail to assess the reason my profile was blocked and resolve this matter, immediate legal proceeding will commence.

Nikolay Hadzhigenov, Attorney at Law. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It was actively advertised on TV and offers a lots of paid services which enhance functionality. It was founded in and today it belong to Allegro Group Ukraine. Each day more than thousand people visiting Aukro. Jan 6, it reached first million users. Every day users placing more than thousand lots. It has rich set of different services, free and paid. Was founded in and in it reach first million active users.

Than in it was already 4. Today it fight agains sex-dating. Ru — one of the biggest social network in RUnet, which bring together most of Mail.

It was founded May 17, and in it reach 10 million users. Join Moy Mir Mail. Youtube — the third popular website in the world and the largest videohosting in Web where users add, watch, comment lots of videos. It's very simple and easy service. Every day more than 4 billon videos are watched. First video was uploaded April 23, Russian language was added in November WOT Online — popular browser online arcade game. You will play with combat tank together with other online players, upgrade your tank with crystals.

You will take crystals for inviting friends or purchase them. You can grow up, upgrade your tank, use more weapons etc.