CLYW x iYoYo Pixel Bearings ist dein kompetenter Ansprechpartner rund ums Thema YoYo. Wir sind die Nr. 1 in Deutschland für ambitionierte Einsteiger, Fortgeschrittene und Profi Yo-Yo Spieler.

I want one because I like the look of the bearings and the look of the logo. Pixelated bearing sounds weird enough to me. Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie eine korrekte Frage eingegeben haben. Looks interesting, would love to try one. That way, these bearings can become even better, and throwing will be even more of a pleasure.

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CLYW and iYoYo have announced a new collaboration but it’s a bearing, not a yoyo! Pixel Bearings are a collaborative release between the two companies that, unlike most collaborations, looks to be an ongoing project rather than a one-time release.

This allows the string segments to micro-adjust and move past each other easily during complicated tricks. Pixel Bearings come lightly lubed from the factory. If you want your performance boost now, we recommend that you go ahead and clean the bearing before play.

Available soon at your favorite CLYW retailers! Would love to throw it in my new ocean blue Manatee and have the 2 newest great things by you guys! Those look like some mighty fine bearings you have there. I would love to improve my quality of life and play with one of those bad boys in my good yoyos.

Plus, 8 bit video games like the original mario are so fun, and is a cool concept to put into a bearing. I have only ever used stock bearings that come in my throws, I would love to try something new and different. I am interested in this Pixel bearing due to the nature of this partnership, which at first sounds a bit odd but soon makes perfect sense! Sorry… forgot to finish…. I absolutely love these two yoyo companies. I love the pixelated logo and would love to try one.

I would also like to use this in worlds this year. Need a new bearing for my Steel, I might have slightly damaged the Konkave bearing when yoyo met chair in the middle of a horizontal combo. That is one hell of a sexy bearing, would love to try it in my new OD downbeat blasphemous, I know. Clyw and iyoyo are by far the last companies I thought would do a collaboration.

I have to try this out! I have a CLYW borealis. The ctx in it is the bomb but I do like dif e yo konkaves a bit better. Would love to try the new bearing If it plays like a blend. I would love to try this bearing in my new throw, and try it in my Avalanche as well!

The most important factor in a good bearing is the quality of the engineering. I am the current Texas state champion. I want this bearing to use in my competitions. Looks like an awesome bearing. These new bearings sound awesome! That way, these bearings can become even better, and throwing will be even more of a pleasure. And I want one because I have 8 bit pixel tattoos. I would love to try out some 8-bit pixel bearing just to try a new type of bearing and compare it with the other type of bearings i already have.

It is pretty much like a KonKave … and its limits cross multiple string sections in the center. In my opinion the best profile for bearings remains the central trac, with a central flat part to accommodate multiple string sections and side slides to keep away the cord from the response system.

The question is not why do you want the Pixel bearing, the question is why would you not want the pixel bearing. To that question I say there is no reason not to want one. I would love one because i want experiment more in my yoyo style.

Plus yoyos, clyw, and new technology ROCK!!!! I would like the pixel bearing for a yoyo. For a person Who is in wheelchair. Teilen Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Verkauf und Versand durch rosmii. EUR 14,56 kostenlose Lieferung. Es ist gut genug konstruiert eine sehr lange Zeit ohne zu brechen zu dauern.

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