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One section of the Trading Desk also shows your condensed personal financial balance sheet, so you can see at a glance your personal net worth and available bank line of credit if any fluctuating second by second. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. After releasing Version 8. Players who like for their controlled companies to have high stock prices a la Berkshire-Hathaway will no longer have the stock price automatically split at prices above 1, Indexes may be real-time or delayed; refer to time stamps on index quote pages for information on delay times.


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The seller will recognize a gain or loss on the sale, based on the sale price less a sales commission paid by the seller. This will reduce the seller's gain, or increase its loss, on the sale of assets. The "Sell Business Assets" feature has been refined to make it possible to sometimes sell business assets at a net gain, although it will still be hard to do so if playing at Difficulty Level 3. October 10, Major release Not file-compatible with data files saved by any previous versions, since the program now stores a lot of "tax basis" data for stock holdings of corporations.

Sorry folks, but no more tax-free capital gains for corporations, starting with this version. Your "tax-free" days are over, starting with Version 2. However, we do still give you one break the U. IRS doesn't allow -- you can deduct losses on such stock sales fully unlike the real world IRS rules, that allow NO deduction at all for corporate capital losses, except to the extent of offsetting capital gains -- if there are any.

For financial reporting purposes, now that the program keeps track of the cost or other, adjusted, tax basis of stocks owned by corporations, and computes a gain or loss upon sale or worthlessness of the stock, the gains or losses are all treated as "extraordinary items," which are included in TOTAL earnings, but do not enter into the calculation of the more significant figure, "operating earnings.

The new help files give examples of when and how all or part of an "Excess Loss Account" may be triggered into taxable income for the parent company. Triggering an ELA recapture will not show up in your company's earnings report, but will affect its cash balance when it pays out the recapture tax. Notice that an ELA will be triggered as income to the parent even when the sub goes bankrupt, and its stock becomes worthless -- so that if there is an ELA negative tax basis , a parent company will actually recognize taxable INCOME, rather than a loss, if the sub bellies up.

In effect, the parent has to pay up for having taken more tax benefits or write-offs than it had invested in the sub, by recapturing the "excess losses.

Any other transaction, including an otherwise tax-free exchange in a merger, where the sub being acquired had an Excess Loss Account negative tax basis with respect to its stock in the hands of its former parent company, will trigger the recapture tax.

As suggested by users, the "startup" segment, when you start up a new corporation, now will display a default name and stock symbol for the company, but will also ask you at the time if you wish to change either its name or stock symbol.

This version adds the ability of a bank you control to sell off individual business loans, or portions of its consumer loan or mortgage loan portfolio.

Your bank can now sell mortgage or consumer loans at face value. Corporate or player loans can be sold at prices that depend mainly on the borrower's credit rating, but not exceeding percent of face value. And no other bank will buy certain "bad credit" D-rated loans from your bank, which may soon become worthless.

As requested by a number of users, we have added a "Stock Split" button, to allow you to split a stock increase the number of shares by a multiple of more than 1, up to 10 , which decreases the price per share. It has no more effect than cutting a pizza into 8 slices, rather than 4, but many people think stock splits are significant.

A reverse split is the opposite, or mirror image, of a regular stock split. If you don't like to see your company's stock trading at 2. An additional limit has been placed on the ability of a bank to call in corporate loans. You can now choose from a list of your bank's loans, by clicking on the name of the borrower and either freezing or unfreezing lending to that particular borrower.

Once a loan is frozen, the notation "Froz. The "Call in Bank Loan" function has been modified in several ways. Additional limits have been placed on the ability to call a company's loan -- you can no longer do so if the company already has a negative cash balance and has sold all its liquid assets stocks and bonds. In prior versions, it was sometimes impossible to sell off stock of a wholly-owned company. But you won't have that chance if you wait until you receive a margin call from your bank -- you have to sell stock immediately, at whatever price you can get for it.

August 6, Major release Not file-compatible with data files from any previous versions, due to some major changes in the way game data is stored in the new version.

New Korean Peninsula disaster scenario, and Japanese disaster scenario added. This also will help healthy banks maintain their liquidity, and make it less likely that they will be forced to sell off bonds or loans to raise cash, since they will now be able to attract more deposits. Added a further refinement to the way earnings are reported: Larger amounts of extraordinary items continue to be reported as a separate item, apart from "operating earnings," as before.

The program now scans through the list of "busted" holding companies those not controlled by any player, and with no assets remaining other than cash and occasionally liquidates some of them, in taxable liquidations. In prior versions, no such "taxable" liquidations occurred except those that were initiated by a human player. When you sell stocks or bonds, the program now tells you the amount of the taxable gain or loss on the sale, as well as your percentage gain or loss on the investment where the seller is you, the individual, rather than a corporation.

When you need to borrow to complete various transactions, the program tells you how much you need to borrow, and how that will change your or your company's credit rating and debt-to-equity ratios, and asks if you want to go through with the transaction. However, your company no longer will incur the full costs if the merger is aborted, for any other reasons.

All merger costs are paid by the company that proposed the merger. Banks, when buying loans, now have a choice of picking corporate loans you wish to buy from a list of all bank loans that are offered for sale.

Also not shown are loans that are available for purchase, but which are too large for your bank to buy with its current cash balance. More disclosures added, when an uncontrolled company offers to merge with a company you own stock in, and you are asked to vote on the merger: July 9, Minor release Added new protections for the "Computer" player, to reduce its exposure to anti-trust suits, by divesting itself of some of its companies in industries dominated by companies controlled by the Computer player, in order to reduce its dominance.

Added new rare economic scenarios, that can appear if certain unusual econonic situations occur. June 30, Major release New version is compatible with versions 2. While the main screen user interface looks the same as version 2. Some you will like, others you may hate, if they plug up your favorite "loophole" for making instant megabucks.

Financial reporting has been significantly modified -- reported earnings on which stock pricing is partly based now reflect a "provision for income taxes," rather than actual tax paid, as in real-world financial accounting for tax expense. In addition, "extraordinary" or "non-recurring" income or loss items, net of tax effect, are not included in earnings -- stock prices, to the extent based on earnings, are now based on a company's "operating earnings" although earnings reports also will separately show the "extraordinary" items, and the total earnings if extraordinary items are added in.

These changes will make it more difficult to manipulate a company's stock price by incurring one-time gains or losses such as restructuring expenses, or gains or losses when a company buys back its own bonds below or above par, or when it wins an antitrust lawsuit.

The "computer" player has been completely revamped, and made more active, smarter, and considerably more vicious. The "Database Search" function has been improved, thanks to a user suggestion, by no longer listing and displaying a particular corporate bond issuer, if there are none of that company's bonds in "public" hands that you can buy.

Now, if you receive a margin call, and will have to sell stock s to raise cash, you are given a choice of selecting which stock to sell, or else letting the bank decide on which ones will be sold, randomly.

This courtesy is extended only if the margin call comes when it is your turn -- otherwise, if it is another player's turn at the time, the bank will sell your stocks for you, without bothering to ask which ones are to be sold. A new feature has been added, where companies with poor credit ratings D, C, or CC may occasionally seek to improve their balance sheets and avoid filing bankruptcy, by attempting to swap 2 new bonds for each 3 old bonds or 1 for 2, in some cases , offering a higher interest rate, in order to reduce the amount of outstanding debt.

Where you the player or a company you control own some of the company's bonds, you will be asked if you want to accept the tender offer of the reduced amount of new bonds. Refusing will cause the tender offer to be canceled. As you might guess, the higher the premium you offer, the more likely the public and corporate shareholders will vote to approve the merger, unless your company is nearly bankrupt, or is a minnow trying to merge with a whale.

More banking loopholes have been closed, making it tough to almost instantly create a gigantic bank that borrows gazillions in cheap interbank loans and uses the cash to buy up gazillions of corporate and other loans and bonds, with no limit. In this new version, a bank that has a negative cash balance can only borrow up to million in whatever currency as interbank loans to cover its deficit cash balance, generally. If it still has a negative cash balance, it will next automatically sell most of its government bonds, and, if necessary, some of its mortgages and consumer loans.

If it still has a cash deficit, it will then be forced to float an issue of bonds to shore up its capital, if that is possible unless you control the bank. If, after all that, it still has a cash deficit, the bank will then be forced to sell off randomly selected business loans, one at a time, to other banks, if it can find buyers. In short, you will no longer be able to instantly grow a bank to a vast size by simply borrowing infinite amounts as interbank loans.

It's getting tougher and tougher to make an easy buck Plugged another major loophole: Gains or losses on bond buy-backs by corporations are now treated as "extraordinary" income or loss, rather than operating income items. Thus, manipulating the market price of a company's bonds can still be profitable, but will no longer affect "operating income" and will not have nearly as much effect on the stock price of the company that earns the gain.

Added new "Suppress Popups" item to "Options Menu. Does not suppress major news announcements, such as bank failures, economic news, or a new earnings release for the current "active entity.

April 28, Minor release New version is file compatible with version 2. HTML files for strategy manual in "full package" version have been replaced with new. CHM type searchable files. Minor bug fix, regarding treatment of interbank loans, when one bank is liquidated into another. March 6, Major release Note: New version is NOT file-compatible with data files of games saved by prior versions, due to the expansion of the simulation and of its database that must be saved to disk when saving a game in mid-stream.

This new version closes a lot of those "loopholes. Earnings projections are now available for the coming quarter for all corporations but are not always accurate, as in the real world, especially for complex companies with many subsidiary holdings. Projections are updated 2 or 3 times each quarter, or after major corporate transactions, disasters, and after each quarterly earnings release.

Bank lending practices have been curbed. A loan that comes to exceed those two limits will be frozen, and a bank will begin calling in part of its largest such loan, as required by government "bank examiners. Otherwise for large corporations , you may need to rely more on bond market financing, instead of bank loans.

The size capitalization of banks at the start of the game has been considerably enlarged, to more closely reflect real world market conditions. As requested by users, the Database Search DB Search routine has been beefed up to provide detailed info on corporate bond issues, to make it easier to do bond research. Bond issues displayed by the search screen now show issuer's name, date due, interest rate coupon rate , yield to maturity, credit rating, the total size of each bond issue, and the amount of each issue that is available for purchase from the "public" bondholders i.

Numerous new product liability scenarios have been added, for companies in 16 industry groups. New feature attempts to "read your mind" and anticipate what company's stock or bonds you intend to buy, or which company you intend to take over in a merger, file suit against, buy assets from, or so on.

The program will "guess" the identity of the targeted company based on whichever company you have just finished researching and will insert its stock symbol in the input area of the stock selection dialog, so that you only have to click on "OK" if the program has "guessed" your intentions correctly.

When a new bank is created, it automatically tries to buy loans from other banks with a good portion of its injected capital.

The seller will get the bad loan off its books, but will incur a charge to its bad debt reserve. Added new "ethical choice" scenarios that may pop up if you are playing with "Cheat Mode" on when you try to do certain transactions, such as mergers or restructurings.

January 12, Major release File-compatible with games saved from versions 1. Appears when the current "active entity" is you, the player. Click on it to see the tax basis cost, with certain adjustments of all the stocks and bonds you own directly. The "Sell Stock" feature has been modified so that if you the player are the seller, the list of your stocks that will be displayed for you to select from when you click on the "Sell Stock" button will show the cost "tax basis" of each stock in your portfolio.

Stock pricing for bank stocks has been modified to make it more difficult to drastically manipulate the stock price of a controlled bank. Added feature to "Startup" function, to immediately split the stock price to less than Rules changed for non-taxable liquidations: If the parent company is a bank or insurance company, and the subsidiary to be liquidated owns stock of the parent company, it will be required to divest sell the parent company stock before the liquidation can go forward.

December 26, Minor release File-compatible with games saved from versions 1. Registered version now captures name of licensed owner, and registration number, storing it for you for future reference, when you request updates during the 12 months after purchase. New disaster scenario added: December 18, Minor release File-compatible with games saved from versions 1.

Now, such a change of business will cause the parent company to lose its tax loss carryovers, due to the "change of business. Major overhaul of the main screen's user interface. Greatly sped up operation of the program, by combining all the main elements of the program into a single program file.

Previous versions required a second or so to load the "Transactions Menu" program, with large amounts of data written back and forth to disk, which slowed performance on computers with older, slower hard disks. EXE file now, with no delays on accessing or returning from doing transactions, a major improvement. Added a new research feature, a diagram screen for any selected player or company, which shows in graphic format all the stocks owned by the player or company, and, for companies, all of its shareholders, with the percentage ownership of each holding or holder.

You can quickly skim through a chain of ownership just by clicking on any companies shown on the diagram screen. New popup menus are available, for General Research functions and Entity Research about the currently selected active entity , as well as for various groupings of transactions -- Trading, Management, Financing, and Other.

Each contains text displays with useful information, such as earnings trends for the active entity if it is a corporation, or estimated income tax information for the player. The General Research popup menu contains a text box with a discussion of "Industry Outlook" trends for the currently selected industry, as well as a discussion of the general economic trend and central bank monetary policy.

Added occasional "Advisory" suggestions in the text boxes that appear on each of the pop-up transactions menus, such as warnings when bonds held are in default, or when a stock holding is near bankruptcy. Updated currency conversion rate of Euro to 1: New "ethics" scenario added for Biotech Industry.

And limit purchases to the amount of existing government debt available. Bank or insurance company that is bankrupted by asbestos litigation is now usually freed of any further asbestos liability after the bankruptcy. Made changes in announced GDP economic growth rate less frequent, announced only once a month, usually.

Modified company "Research Reports" by adding a disclosure where the company's union employees are currently on strike. Now, instead of accepting the 3 size categories, you are able to enter a minimum and a maximum size of capitalization.

Made major changes in the corporate "Liquidation" feature of the program, including: If it can't be liquidated into a parent company that owns all of its stock a nontaxable liquidation , you will be asked if you want to do a taxable liquidation. Or, you can choose to do a taxable liquidation, by clicking on "Taxable Liquidation," rather than "Tax-Free Liquidation. But tax loss carryovers, if any, of the holding company will be lost on the liquidation. In a "taxable" liquidation, the industrial or holding company must sell off any stocks or capital assets it owns, and pay off any bonds it has issued, before the liquidation can be completed, reducing all its assets to cash, which is then used to pay off any bank loans or accrued income taxes, before the cash is distributed to all its stockholders in proportion to their ownership percentage.

Any tax loss carryovers of the company that is liquidated will be lost. In addition, any individual shareholders players will recognize a capital gain or loss when they receive cash for their stock, so it is a taxable event for them. Details of this and all prior releases are available upon request. You must have a web browser installed, and the registered version of Wall Street Raider software, to view the electronic book, which consists of HTML and graphics image files.

December 9, Major Upgrade Banks have become potentially more profitable in Wall Street Raider -- see below, regarding player and company bank deposits, which are now non-interest- bearing demand deposits, rather than interest-bearing time deposits CDs. On the other hand, regulation of banks has gotten somewhat stiffer, at least for banks with too high a loan-to-deposit ratio.

Google the term "loan to deposit ratio" if you want a bit of background on how that figures into real-world bank regulation. If a bank's loan portfolio in relation to deposits and its reserves-to-deposits ratio become too risky, the regulators may temporarily stop a bank from lending or buying loans, and perhaps put a freeze on lines of credit to most corprate borrowers, as well. When a bank is deemed to be over-extended and too aggressive in making loans and equity investments, the "regulators" will limit the bank's new investments to government securities only, until its finances are back on a sounder footing.

It lets you set allocation percentages of the bank's assets for all assets EXCEPT stocks, options, and business loans , for any bank you control. You can set the percentages to allocate, if any, to 5 asset classes: Prime mortgages; Subprime mortgages; Consumer loans; Bonds the total value of government and corporate bonds ; and Cash equivalents cash, which earns no interest, like currency in the vault, and short-term Treasury bills, which earn a usually low rate of interest.

While rapid growth in deposits may seem best, it is a mixed blessing, unless the growth in reserves keeps up, otherwise the bank's credit rating will decline, meaning it will have to pay higher interest on CDs, and if the additional funds from new deposits are invested in loans, that will require more addtions to the bad debt reserve, hurting earnings -- not to mention increasing the overhead costs of serving more deposit customers.

A new class of investment assets has been added, and one has been changed. In this version, players and companies can now invest in short-term Treasury bills "T-bills" that are highly liquid, like cash, and do not fluctuate in value. The rate earned on T-bills fluctuates with overall interest rates, and is generally somewhat lower than the interest rate on short-term government bonds, but they are an extremely safe investment. Since in the real world, corporations generally need to maintain significant cash balances and do not put all their liquid assets in time deposits CDs , we chose to make the simulation more realistic.

Banks still receive interest-bearing CD deposits, but only from "the Public," along with some demand deposits from the Public. All deposits "cash" of players and corporations that do business with a particular bank are now non-interest-bearing demand deposits which will tend to increase banks' profitability, if they have significant deposits from players or companies. As in prior versions, cash assets of a bank will not earn interest, but banks will now invest most of their liquid, cash-equivalent assets in T-bills, like other corporations.

A new item has been added to the "MISC" Menu, to allow a player or any company a player controls to buy or sell T-bills, which is mainly useful for a controlled company that is not on "AutoPilot," and thus is actively managed by the player.

The automatic "sweep" setting, when it is turned on by a player, will still sweep any "cash" almost immediately and automatically to pay down the player's margin loan indebtedness. However, in this version, if a player owes no bank debt, the "sweep" setting will instead "sweep" all cash the player receives into T-bills, so that the player will be earning interest on the T-bills.

Real world options margin rules are much more complex than that, but the general principle is the same, where there are short positions on both puts and calls on the same stock. In this version, the program calculates the total call liability and the total put liability on each stock the entity has shorted options on. Only the higher of the call liability or the put liability is taken into account for each stock, and higher amount for each stock is added up to arrive at the total options liability, if the entity has naked options on more than one stock.

But before that calculation, the put or call liability for each stock is first reduced by taking into account any stock that the entity owns or is short -- that is, no liability is applicable to covered calls or covered puts. Only after that adjustment for any covered options is made does the software then add up the higher of the put or call liability adjusted in either case for each stock when totaling up the entity's "naked" options exposure for margin purposes only -- not for computing net worth, which still takes into account the liability for ALL short options.

As a result of these margin calculation changes, it's now possible to do large-scale "strangles," when an entity sells short large dollar amounts of out-of-the-money puts and out-of-the-money calls on a given stock, betting that the stock will trade in a fairly narrow range until the puts or calls or both have decreased in value, or become totally worthless by the expiration dates, an interesting but high-risk options trading strategy used by real-world traders who have nerves of steel.

New "ethical scenarios" have been added, including one for European auto makers you control, where the company is about ready to release self-driving trucks but discovers there is Another new ethical choice scenario has been added for insurance companies, involving a strategy of denying health insurance claims to reduce costs, a rather cruel and heartless way to get richer The ability to manipulate earnings for banks, by adding to the quarter's bad debt loss provision has been made much more robust.

On the DataBase Search screen, a new item has been added, which, if selected, will exclude from the search results any company that is a bank, insurance company, or holding company, or any company you already control. In short, only those industrial companies that meet your other search criteria, and which are not controlled by you, will be shown in the search results if you have checked the box for that item. In previous editions, late in a game in which you or other players controlled long chains of companies and control of a company near the top of such a chain changed hands, it could be very annoying to watch 50 or timed messages pop up, announcing the change of control of each company in the chain.

This would occur even if the "Suppress Popups" setting was turned on. In this version, such change of control messages will no longer be shown if you have turned the "Suppress Popups" setting to "ON. Note that commissions are not charged on either sales or purchases of T-bills, which are assumed to be bought directly from the government. T-bills don't pay cash interest, but are sold at a small discount from face value, and steadily appreciate to their face value at maturity.

That marker now includes a number behind it, from 1 to 5, indicating the Player Number as shown in the Who's Ahead? This will help you to quickly ascertain that a particular opposing player controls one or more companies in an industry, when viewing an Industry Summary or Industry Projection listing. This release is file-compatible with files saved by earlier Versions 6.

In addition, a "universal freeze" option now allows your bank to freeze all loans except loans to you or companies you control, or to unfreeze ALL loans that are currently frozen by your bank.

A minor bug was fixed, which had prevented one of the insurance companies AIG in the registered version from being able to trade subprime loans, due to a typo in the source code.

When loading a file saved by versions prior to 8. April 21, Minor Upgrade Improved the "Change Managers" features to make it possible to handle a large number of management changes.

Also, a pop-up now announces the eventual result of the management change, even if "Supress Popups" is turned on. In prior versions, players sometimes did not see the announcement, if popup suppression had been selected. March 15, Minor Upgrade Version 8. And no, we have no plans to add Bitcoin as an asset play or Bitcoin mining as an industry group. But thanks for asking!

However, we have continued to tinker with the program, refining algorithms, such as for setting the fees to cancel an interest rate swap contract, and corporate bond pricing, plus adding various features to make playing game play easier and more convenient, such as the items listed below. That is about 10 times the net worth of the richest person on the planet. They apparently expected that adding such near-infinite amounts to the economic model wouldn't have any effect on it.

Currency exchange rates for the 22 non-U. Players can reset the exchange rate for a currency at the start of a new game, if the March, values have become out of date, compared to the current real world rates. The listing of companies with the largest industry market share now shows who, if anyone. The listing of all the companies you control, with recent and projected quarterly earnings, now also includes a column showing the asset growth rate for all such industrial or insurance companies, so, for instance, you can see at a glance if any of your companies are expanding too fast at a time when the economy is sinking into a recession or depression.

The listing of all the companies you control now also includes a column that indicates whether each of your companies is on "autopilot" or not, giving you a quick overview. Since the simulation's tax calculations are largely based on the U. Net operating losses of a corporation no longer expire, but last until utilized or lost due to a liquidation or certain corporate reorganizations.

New "ethical choice" cheat scenarios have been added, regarding robotics, plus a scenario that deals with construction of a windfarm on an Indian reservation by a utility company.

Registered users of version 8. Under the alternate version, as in the "shareware" version, each human player's turn lasts for exactly one month, in which the player can do up to 10 transactions. If the player does 10 transactions, his or her turn does not end at that point, but lasts until the end of the month.

The "End Turn" button has been replaced by a "Chart" button to display a chart of the player's net worth. We have already implemented this feature in the "shareware" version, to make it more challenging and realistic. For most players, this is not a significant rule change, except that it lets computer players play at the beginning of each month, in a typical game where you are the only human player. However, the new rule will pose a major challenge for players who are accustomed to stopping the ticker as soon as a game starts and possibly doing hundreds of transactions, often taking over whole industries, in the first month or two of play, before the economic and market situation can change to any significant extent.

Instead, you will do up to 10 transactions, then just do research or run the ticker for the rest of each month, until your next turn begins and you can do another 10 transactions.

This adds much more realism, in terms of time passage, as in the real world it would be very unrealistic for one company or person to take over whole industries, do dozens of mergers, liquidations, etc. With this version, you will be limited to doing transactions over the course of a year of game play.

Now, when "looking under the hood" to see which entities have positions in commodity futures, physical commodities, interest rate swaps, or options, you are given the choice of viewing such positions for all entitities as in prior versions or viewing a list that only shows positions of yours or companies that you control.

This can be a real time saver, when you control a large number of companies and don't remember which companies have which futures, options, etc. After releasing Version 8. We have tried to close a lot of the "loopholes" in 8. The only difference in Version 8. Once you do all 10 transactions, you can still do research, and things on the MISC Menu, like stock splits, loan repayments, advances, etc. The computer players, if any, all take their turns on the first day of the next month.

The following is a summary of the major changes in Version 8. If you have purchased 8. Players, banks and insurance companies can now invest in these equity- like bonds, which offer fixed income and more safety than the underlying stock, but which will participate in any significant gains in the stock, with much less downside risk.

These securities add a powerful new tool, usable in many creative ways, to your arsenal of investment strategies. As a financing tool, players who control a company can still have the company issue "straight" non-convertible bonds , but may now choose instead to issue convertible bonds, at significantly lower interest rates than straight bonds, due to the "equity kicker.

Convertible bonds will now allow for new takeover strategies, such as, for instance, taking a large position in the convertible bonds issued by a company that seems to be firmly controlled by another player, which may give you enough stock to take control when the bonds mature or are called early, if they are converted to stock. Such conversion won't occur, however, if the stock is below the bonds' conversion price when the bonds mature or are called.

Taking a user's suggestion, we have added a feature that lets you choose to be alerted when a particular stock's price rises above or falls below a level that you specify. The alert will remain in effect for a full year of game play, or until the objective is reached and you are notified by a pop-up message. Simply click on that button and enter your specified target price for the stock that is the current "active entity," and you will receive a pop-up notification if the stock reaches the price target you set during in the next "year" of game play.

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After both had stood down, the shooters then had a clear view of JFK, who was then hit by three bullets. The leader of the bloodline of your relentless enemy lives and works in London City of , Basel, and Corfu.

That is your target information. London did not wish to tempt mutiny. If it is the first responsibility of the Federal Reserve to protect the dollars that Americans earn and save, is it not dereliction of duty for the Fed to pursue a policy to bleed value from those dollars?

He is reducing the value of the dollar to make U. He is trying to eliminate the U. Fed policy is too timid, says Krugman. Once, Americans were taught that saving was a good thing. He wants to panic the public into believing the money they have put into savings accounts and CDs will be rapidly eaten up by Fed-created inflation, so they will run out and spend that money now to get the economy moving again.

Imagine a husband and wife with a bright child who are saving to send the boy to the best prep school, then Princeton, then, hopefully, Harvard or Yale Law, so the boy can realize his dream of being a great lawyer and perhaps one day sitting on the Supreme Court.

As for inflation, are not the prices of gold, silver, oil and other commodities flashing signals that it is on the way? In denouncing Bernanke, even the Chinese are not all wrong. China is being denounced for manipulating its currency when Beijing is adhering to a strict dollar-renminbi exchange rate, while our Fed is manipulating the dollar price to seek competitive advantage.

The other Chinese complaint is that they lent us trillions to buy Chinese goods and now we are robbing them by depreciating the dollar-denominated Treasury bonds they accepted in return for their goods.

Pay back your banker in Monopoly money, and you will find you are soon unable to borrow from anyone anywhere. In four years, the American people have delivered three straight votes of no confidence in the U. Quite a record for a central bank set up to protect the dollar. Then a crisis of capitalism will be at hand.

Historians will not deal kindly with the men who traded the horse of U. Geeh, now take a guess who those bankers were? Ever worried that the obvious has been dangling right in front of our very eyes for years and years, and yet we never managed to join the dots??

Now, whose banking empire began in Frankfurt? And from where did you say those mercenary troops were acquired … the State of Hesse! I was reading on another site Iraqwar. Some really introspective comments here. A lot of my education was and still is by experiences like 40 years of world travel.

My formal educations - as an aero-scientist - a bioligist - a pilot - a soldier - a diplomat - a salesman IBM - investor - journalist - analyst all blended together to give me a practical insight into scientific and world matters that books by themselves could not acomplish.

There are NO books that will teach you what I learned about the values of those people during that 47 years. I dealt frequently with Jews in my business life because I was in owned a garment associated business that I built from the ground up. Your moral asessment of our military is a bit heavy - but sadly - I must in good faith agree.

Also good history lesson in another post. RE - Civilian Germans and what they suffered at the hand of the Jews. He was a German citizen and later became an American citizen.

He was tormented by the Jews not Zionists and became a Hitler Youth Group member to survive street life. He remembered his parents living like animals out of garbage cans to survive our post-war occupation when their home was confiscated by Jews not Zionists with US approval.

By their fruits you will know them. If you care to contact me - I will take the time to share that evidence with you.

It was one of those ugly truths that I was sad to learn. Beware - as treachery is all about us. Finally - Mr Hal Christian - Speaking of treachery - or perhaps simple ignorance. IF - by chance you have spent the thousands of hours of YOUR personal time and thousands of your personal dollars to support and nurture this truth site;. ONLY THEN - IF - you have learned and sacrificed as I have done - and experienced all of these horrors, perversion, outrages, blasphemies, lies, insults, deceptions and a thousand other unspeakable filths;.

How DARE you talk to us about being brainwashed and deceived as if we were brain-dead bovine idiots. This 5th column that they are here, and everywhere else. Never learning it Joe, I had a father, he is dead now, who had his own business, installing septic systems.

He said that just about every Jew gave him problems when it was time to get paid. The Japanese stand you apart one by one and both fingerprint and photograph each person passing through. Of the roughly personnel in the entourage, 4 who were in complete oversight and control of the mission, were Jews.

On Monday I worked very hard to put up the latest Video: I guess to say the least I am really disappointed and somewhat discouraged. The Germans are a natural warrior class. Even our goon squad freedom-hating uniforms of today use German designed weapons i. The sociopath, controlling Khazars are in fear of genuine Gentile masculinity, and want to eradicate it. To steal your wealth and freedom. Rammstein has some detestable, monstrous looking shows, right? It would make your environment smell like sulfur.

Straight out of hell that scummy, evil music. Out of that bunch, the Italian has got to be the toughest — he was a college soccer player at Clemson University for a year. Henry Ford tried to tell people about it, but they prefer wars and inflation to truth. What blows my mind about the NFL is all these blue collar, factory guys go to the games and are paying the same crowd of elitist sociopath scum who are at least connected at the Yacht Club to the bankster scum bags who have put their jobs in India, Mexico, and China.

They ought to be out in the streets picketing, striking, and protesting instead of sipping Budweiser at Jew team arena that their tax dollars are paying for while their family and community fall by the way side; and read about J-Lo while the Khazars plunder your society and build up a police state. The British are treacherous and effeminate. They way they gab on about something reminds me of a bunch of women or homos under a hair dryer at a salon.

Will the synagogue of satan be built by man now or when satan is cast out to this earth playing instead of Christ a false messiah? I am no expert, but I am from the European side of the pond, so to speak, and closer to Germany than you. They are tapping into the proud Pagan origins of all Germanic people. Please be careful what you call Christianity. But its later establishment and popularity was down to the inherent goodness of the German people, and the beauty in their native culture.

Truly, I can assure you about that. But, you have to be able to identify the symbols and costumes used in order to understand the message. I know what you mean about Jazz, and agree wholeheartedly. Please find time to listen to the German composer, Johann Sebastian Bach. Here are a couple of examples, the 2nd of which has been known to make grown men cry due to its profound beauty: Please note that the second YouTube linked to has been viewed no less than 6,, times, at this moment of posting.

This, for me, is simple confirmation of the superiority of the Germanic civilization, and of the cultural heights the German people have so often reached: I think it took place in It is a masterly performance. They have composed some very fine songs indeed, which are all devoid of smutty lyrics.

Only that live concert; it was a great one. My American friend, you are making the mistake so many Americans and many Brits make. We can give the half-Greek some slack because they and the Spartans kept the East Persians and their allies out of Europe. Basically saved European civilization before it really got off the ground.

Hitherto, the North Italian region had long been under the control of German mercenaries working for Rome, who were collectively known as the Foederati. So, most Italians but not the Mafia types, who are from the South! They originate from south Jutland and were known as the Angles. Saxons meanwhile originated nearby on the North German plain which became known as Saxony.

These two tribes then united, in England, to form the Anglo-Saxons. These days, I proudly describe myself as Germanic, before I call myself English. I am sure a fair number of Scots and Welsh would be happy to put you right, in shall we say, no uncertain terms?

England is full of disheartened real men who have, for far too long, been led by Jews, Half-Jews, Quarter-Jews, and ex-Boarding School faggots. Did you know that?

And she took advice from yet another Jew, Milton Friedman. The English were unwitting slaves long before Wilberforce arrived on the scene to save your Black Americans and keep them in America. And our guns were confiscated in , after Pederast Freemasons Illuminati in Scotland contrived the Dunblane massacre of defenseless schoolchildren. A brave American Mormon, by the name of Paul Drockton [ http: Drockton is a fine man.

In particular you should stop stigmatizing the English. We have feelings too Brother, despite the fact we usually do a better job of hiding our emotions than your typical white American does. So, I would appreciate a bit more respect and gratitude.

I would also appreciate a lot more respect being shown to my fellow countrymen by all American commentors. With that said, I see us standing together as Brothers. Let us all begin to man up and get ready to stand shoulder to shoulder in order to demolish and eradicate our common race enemy. Namely, those who wear the big brimmed, black hats, whose ancestors spoke Yiddish, and who first came into our midst from the badlands of Central Asia. As one who plays music, and have been into music for a long time, let me add a little to your discussion.

Johan Sebastian Bach, in my humble opinion, was one of the greatest musicians of all time. The classical music movement if we can call it that, for a very long time, perhaps hundreds of years, has produced nothing amazing.

Anyone who studies music classically, is most likely to end up being only a skillful performer and nothing more. Popular and highly pushed Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop and the Dance music of today, is clearly an expression of the big music labels, which have made a science out of demonizing people through music.

It is therefore his especially liked method of affecting people… Not that music it self is bad, it is a gift from God.

But rather, that it is powerful and more capable to affect us than most people realize. And this curse always passes on to the end listener. Again by the very same labels. At least musically speaking. If you cannot play Fusion Jazz, and your instrument well and produce new and exciting notes, you will simply not be recognized.

The only problem is, that you need to understand music in order to appreciate this kind of thing. But, as we all know, most people are sheep, and that includes their understanding of music. Just like people cannot properly anymore discern what is intelligent speech or writing or art, in the same fashion, most people cannot discern valuable music from non valuable music.

A lot of music has magickal content. The homosexual Elton John has recently claimed that there is not one of his songs, where the words do not have a double, mystical meaning. Jay-Z, the despicable Lady Gaga and others, supported by their Jewish masters, are constantly and openly promoting masonic and satanic imagery and lyrics. But, the satanic content goes much further than this. Finally, regarding music and the Greeks. One thing that most people are oblivious about, is the subject of Byzantine music.

Byzantine music is the result of the ancient Greek musical heritage and knowledge. Well performed Byzantine music, is amazing to listen to and in certain cases, matches the beauty of even Johan Sebastian Bachs productions.

But, it must be understood, that music is contextual in general and also contextual in terms of perception and previous conditioning. Thus, it is pointless to try and refute a style of music on the basis that in one particular persons perception it was not liked. What we should be focusing on, is the end result. And with this method, we can see that todays Zionist promoted musical establishment, no matter what the style or type of music, promotes, violence, stupidity, sexual psychopathy, greed, satanism and I am not talking about heavy metal type stuff only etc.

The simple fact of the matter is, that if you want to stay safe in the context of music, you MUST be vigilant and do your own research and try to understand it more. Watch where the music is coming from! Thank you for your comments. I was afraid Ron was wimpy precisely because he was for Israel, but his desire to have an audit of the Fed is seemingly still on his radar, so I have hope there.

He may have been. The quote from a poster shows he has not read the book. Interestingly, Jews were behind almost ALL of the degeneracy during that era — sound familiar? If Hitler was a poof, then his worldview is the modern Sodomites!!!

They would not come out and say it publicly, but they constantly complained about the amount of Muslims really the Jews are behind that, just like they are behind the illegal Mexicans here , that have immigrated to the British Isles. This is also true in the priesthood. Many cases involve same sex abuse, showing a clear connection, but the perverted Jewish media silences this fact, as to keep credence and legitimacy to Gay Rights. In fact, the Talmud is full of such perversions, such as Rabbis being allowed children for brides, and sodomy.

To those who indicted they are donating - thanks - as saying so on the site is an encouragement not only to the RZN team - but for other readers to to step up to the plate as well. Just give the web address to a friend and plant a SEED. Lets keep rolling till we free this twisted perverted once great nation - and put an end to our demonic serial war-mongering.

Both sharing the same family values? Would that be a provocative stimulating wake up call topic for the very near future that has NOT been addressed? What say you - Brother Nathanael? This is intolerable behaviour. Adolf Hitler has been accused of so many different things, and of being so many different kinds of person — where we are invited to believe he was so superhuman he could do all these things at one and the same time — that the whole Reductio ad Hitlerum pantomime has now taken on the air of a Lucile Ball show on steroids and smoke a dope.

You have not made any sane case with your frantic comment worth any of the time spent on it. Where is your proof? What hard evidence to you have to hand that proves your assertions are even remotely true?

People with Hitler obsessions are mentally sick. In earlier comments, we were discussing the maligned image of Germans and Germany, but you have tried to drag us back to Hitler and his alleged sexual perversions.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have more sexual perversions to hide than a 30 year old French prostitute who has earned enough to buy outright, a 4 bedroomed penthouse in Amsterdam. Something very wrong with you Fr. How low can anyone get? I worked and retired from a company about 10 years ago where I took care of customer request, complaints, and problems over the phone. Three Jews I remember. The first one was a rabbi who complained and complained about his bill.

All of us had to make deductions from his bill every month just to shut his mouth. Another one before the Rabbi boasted about forming a company buying cheap cigarettes and then selling them to the Russians. This was during the great upheavals when the Jewish oligarchs sold raped Russia. The third was the worst. After taking so much off of his bill, he was satisfied.

However, I told him to call in October so that I could correct his billing in order to bill him the higher rate that he had ordered. But I had followed him up. In October I called him and reminded him that I was going to have to start billing him the correct rate which I did. He then called my supervisor and told her that I was a rude. I can see some of your points, but why would NAZIs and Zionists openly work together during this time?

Also, White Christians killing off other White Christians. Silence people with name calling, and even make laws to jail them: Look at the banks below make up the Federal Reserve you notice, banks have funded Communism and Fascism at the same time?

Thank you for more proof and specific data concerning the reality of Jews in America, specifying the historical positions they have infiltrated to cause so much suffereing in America and the Middle East. Germany in the 20s, 30s which have brought-on their persecution. It reduces morals, incites hatred, promotes homosexuality and other sexual perversions and satanism it self.

Thus, while perhaps not directly and flamboyantly a cutting edge Zionist operation, the music industry is indeed a very effective tool for the subversion of the masses. Just look at the spiritual and real world corruption all the popular music brings us, such as the material promoted via Lady Gaga etc. Lets just muck it up. Here is a short quote to show the relevance. The whole article is well thought out and worth consideration. Even the Jews in antiquity were 5th column traitors, and conspirators.

I cannot see the virtues of celebrating paganism as most rock music is corporate Jew controlled paganism marketed to the masses. Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and The Beatles are all prime examples of this. At the end of the day, rock music is a profitable, demoralizing psyop for the usual creeps. I have no basis of authority to comment on my Catholic brothers. I see them building orphanages and hospitals instead of being completely mislead by Communist-Zionist Israel like many Protestant groups.

Pardon my broad generalizations. Amidst my angst over the Communist-Jew control of the West I did paint the Brits with too broad a brush. I was referring to their leadership, elites, and intelligentsia. So many Brits are angry at being slaves to the Central banksters and having their homeland demoralized? How do they express their anger? Those nations which have not fallen to the occult will invade the west to prevent total global collapse. Authoritarianism and the Family.

Curiously, I always harboured the idea that Father John was sympathetic to National Socialism and its leader. The Storage for this very expensive Display has been secured and we will now work on BUILDING a classic-looking platform, at least 2 feet high, to place and secure the large Creche and large figures upon. I will soon be calling this once we get through this all successfully by January 1 One of my favorites here: Nice catch in the net of Dr. John, any psychological reports coming out of the OSS and other intel services during WW2 was dependent upon, and completely tainted with Freudian perversion, and a lot of it written by Jews.

It was co-authored by Scott Lively who runs his Defend the Family. Lively combatted the powerful U. For five years he was communications director for the pro-family Oregon Citizens Alliance OCA , which tried to block state legislation granting homosexuals special minority rights. Text and linked annotations are in very old format and hard to read, but they are there.

This study has checked many of the sources, particularly for the connection with Hitler and the Nazis, but by no means all. The portions which have not been refuted should not be assumed to be accurate just because no notes have been attached.

As noted in the first paper, the group believes:. The FDC does not have a website but has various writings and descriptions scattered on the web. Homosexuality In The Nazi Party as courageous and timely…. Abrams then replied with a rebuttal. Here is one example… http: The back and forths from Fr. John and others have had my mind reeling, and you have put the matter to rest! The reality is that 'Occupy Wall Street' is raising the consciousness of the country on the fundamental issues of poverty, income inequality, economic justice, and the Obama administration's apparent double standard in dealing with Wall Street and the urgent problems of Main Street: The Globe and Mail.

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Archived from the original on November 19, Retrieved November 19, Archived from the original on May 14, Retrieved October 24, Archived from the original on February 19, Retrieved November 15, Archived from the original on December 22, Because it's hard to be heard above the din of lower Manhattan and because the city is not allowing bullhorns or microphones, the protesters have devised a system of hand symbols.

Fingers downward means you disagree. Arms crossed means you strongly disagree. Announcements are made via the "people's mic This is the media center, where the protesters group and distribute their messages.

Those who count themselves among the media team for Occupy Wall Street are self-appointed; the same goes with all teams within this community. Deprez and Charles Mead October 28, Archived from the original on December 29, Retrieved November 2, Retrieved March 25, It's a hub for all Occupy-inspired happenings and updates, a key part of the internal communications network for the Occupy demonstrations.

While sitting in the media tent I saw several Skype sessions with other demonstrators. At one point a bunch of people gathered around a computer shouting, "Hey Scotland!

Retrieved October 9, Retrieved October 16, Archived from the original on May 27, Archived December 14, , at the Wayback Machine. The New York Post. Archived from the original on March 28, Retrieved June 2, A New York Supreme Court has ruled not to extend a temporary restraining order that prevented the eviction of "Occupy" protesters who were encamped at Zuccotti Park, considered a home-base for demonstrators.

Police in riot gear cleared out the protesters early Tuesday morning, a move that attorneys for the loosely defined group say was unlawful.

But Justice Michael Stallman later ruled in favor of New York city officials and Brookfield properties, owners and developers of the privately owned park in Lower Manhattan. The order does not prevent protesters from gathering in the park, but says their First Amendment rights not do include remaining there, "along with their tents, structures, generators, and other installations to the exclusion of the owner's reasonable rights and duties to maintain Zuccotti Park.

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