Here’s What You Need To Know About Walmart Holiday Layaway For 2018


Put the stuff you like on layaway today, so it won’t be gone tomorrow! To use our layaway feature, just put 10% down for your item, then make 9 monthly payments.

Considering that I had a balance board, and two other wii games that were horribly expensive on layaway, I think I should have been able to put that game with the rest of my items.

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WalMart is discontinuing lawaway. The last date to put something in is November 19 and they must be picked up by December 8. The question is basically moot because there will be no more layaway.

The exceptions to this are jewelry and vision. I don't know if it is offered online, but I doubt it. Regardless, any layaway has to be picked up by December 8th.

I am an employee of WalMart. I don't think they do that any more. Here in Kansas City they have phased out layaway since credit cards are basically layaway. The walmart here in Kentucky has layaway.

It has come back. People dont need to be assses when someone ask one simple question. Actually regular is gone but they have Christmas layaway but I don t know about online. For the best answers, search on this site https: Get more information including rules, watch-outs, exclusions , and rules. Look for the layaway tag in stores on eligible items.

Using layaway wisely can help you to save money and time and take the guesswork out of holiday spending. Right now there are clearance deals on electronics, home, clothing, baby, toys, sports, outdoors, and home improvement. Kmart No Money Down Layaway. I remember the year that it ended. I ran into a friend from high school and college. She was at Walmart putting everything she could on layaway before it ended.

Being an older University student this gives my husband and I a chance to give my children a christmas they deserve. I hope you will continue to follow More With Less Today. I love to find free or practically free things that we can stash away for gift giving. I also love to grab these freebies to give away and donate. Blessings to you and your family, Lori.

Big Lots offers layaway, but they call it Price Hold. It is layaway for certain items like their furniture, couchs, recliners, tables, etc. When I went to walmarts layaway line it was empty. Some of us spend our money on things that are useful like clothes and coats.

They only take toys and electronics. Kmart still has it going on in the layaway department. Better watch it walmart you just might lose out. What about cribs, baby bedding, carseats and strollers or is the layaway only for toys and electronics? Linda, the Walmart layaway is only for the items mentioned-not baby items. Who are the executives of the stores, and why do they care if layaway is used, its not hurting their business either, especially since so many people want it back.

WalMart is one of the richest businesses in the US, so why is it such a hassle to get decent customer service. Some of us dont have perfect credit or perfect jobs, and dont have the ability to get unseen amts on credit cards, layaway is our best AND ONLY option, especially during holidays, and not just Christmas, all holidays.

Credit Cards are great for those who have them, so layaway is good for us poor and middle class individuals that must not matter to the important people who make these decisions. Its nice to know what you have bought and make pmts without having its sitting around collecting dust before you can wrap it and dont have to save and dave to buy it only to see its gone back up in price or not available.

Layaway has more good and positive feedback than it does bad, so for me its a no-brainer, bring back layaway for good!!! Our tv went out and we were going to put one on layaway since wal-mart has a great deal on them right now. Bum so now what are we going to do??? Please bring layaway back.. My husband and I each work two jobs and have 2 children. I guess we will just wait until we get our tax check and go to Best buy or circuit city!!

I used lay a way and found out that I had got the wrong gift for my daughter so i went to get a refund of my money.

The receipt clearly stated that if you return before the 14th of Dec. When asked about the full refund I was told that an uncompleted order was when a customer adds or takes away from their lay a way. Does that make sense? This is the second time that I felt like I should not be shopping at Wal Mart. The service is all about a job not about customer relations. Every answer that comes out of the workers mouth is verbatium.

They sound like robots. I was and still am extremly pissed that walmart took away layaway. I have 5 kids and with the economy its extremely expensive to buy school clothes xmas present and just trying to keep up what they need through out the yr. If walmart brought back layaway I am sure I would be one of many americans spending hundreds more at walmart. I used walmart layaway for years over smarts layaway plan.

I did not like being charges and told when and how much to pay by Kmart, however I am a Kmart layaway person now.

I refused to buy anything from walmart. I use to grocery shop there weekly and every christmas from to I would have huge layaways. They lost a loyal customer when layaway was closed. Not everyone has credit cards or wants the high debts, so this was not wise of walmart at all. I was happy to hear about Walmart bringing layaway back.

You guys are crazy for taking away the layaway away from dedicated customers. Now I go right past walmart to go to kmart!!!!!

People like me with not so much income need layaway. Crazy crazy crazy decision!!!!! Do not care about your customers. Not all people have money. I also use Kmart layaway, which gives me the opportunity to pay little until I can pay it off.

I use Kmart Layaway for almost everything. Making things easier for other people who are less fortunate. I was one of the Associates handling the Christmas Layaway Program for our store this year.

For our Walmart Store Layaway did very well, but at the same time was actually really inconvenient for our us. The space we normally used to keep a lot of our inventory had to be cleared out.

Even with the restrictions we ran out of room to store layaways. Now although I said Layaway did really well, our total sales amounted to about the same amount we make on a single front end register in one business day. It took us 3 months to make 1 business day of profit. I would like the program to stay myself, I loved working it and would like to use it, but I can understand why they got rid of it.

Wal-mart layaway was the way to go. I would really like to see this come back. I surely would use it. I have been wanting a flat screen tv for ever. I really pray they would bring back layaway Wal-Mart permantely. It really would help a lot of individuals with children and financial hardships.

I like Walmart products better then Kmart. I wish there was a layaway again at walmart that is how we bought most or our nice things in our home.

When the kids where small thats how we bought their Chrismas and our grandchildren to. Thank You for Listening! Shame you guys dropped it. I would have been buying one thing after the other. As it is, you lost another customer. Speaking as a single parent….. I need the layaway program so I can provide the extra things for my household…..

I would like to see walmart bring back lawaways all year. Please bring walmart layaways back all year. Layaway has been a godsend for people who wish to buy higher priced items and could not do so otherwise. Also, families with lots of kids or lower income families need to budget their needs. In this economy, a little bit of consideration would be appreciated.