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Pulse's Cash-Flow Modeling Software For a more comprehensive tool, Pulse is a dedicated cash-flow Web app that allows you to review your company's cash flow online in unlimited detail. You can.

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With a range of online cash flow tools to choose from, we review 5 of the top cash flow tools that could help you better plan your company’s financial requirements. Read on to discover which cash flow tool may be best suited to your business!

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Benefit from our extensive experience of providing guarantees so you can trade with increased security and reduced risk. Find the guidance you need to help you trade securely and cost-effectively overseas. Controlling cash flow is a crucial part of running a business. Spare cash can be invested in growing the business, for example by buying new equipment or building up stocks to satisfy future demand. Maintaining an up-to-date cash flow forecast lets you anticipate your future cash position and gives you advance warning of any expected shortfall.

That gives you more time to sort out potential problems, whether by arranging additional funding or by taking steps to reduce the amount of money tied up in working capital. Want complete peace of mind to help you predict your unpredictable schedule and steady your unsteady income?

Cushion was built out of a need for a less stressful freelance life. Its goal is to provide better insight and awareness, so the roller coaster ride of freelancing feels smoother, with fewer surprises. With Cushion you can visualise your schedule, measure your income and track your expenses — so it's cash flow management along with everything else that helps you plan your time. Easily monitor the heartbeat of your small business — your cash. That's the promise from Pulse, an app that allows you to track income and expenses, monitor your cash flow, generate reports and essentially improve the way you manage your money.

Cheaper than Float with a day trial. CrunchBoards is future-proofing software for your business, without a spreadsheet in sight. It's an all-in-one forecasting and reporting engine with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business. With over 10, happy customers, it's also a solution that works seamlessly with leading accounting software — so you have everything you need in one place.

Made lovingly in Brighton. Try it free for a short period. To manage company spend, you have to see it. Alongside the rapid growth in online accounting tools such as Xero, Quickbooks and FreeAgent has been the emergence of specialist cash flow tools and apps designed to help business owners construct accurate cash flow models to understand potential stress points in their business and to plan accordingly.

Read on to discover which cash flow tool may be best suited to your business! Pulse is a platform solely dedicated to enabling you to easily manage, assess and review your cash flow. The software allows the user to manually input information or import data from a spreadsheet to generate a cash flow model that can be viewed in a time frame of your choice daily, weekly or monthly. The software will also produce impressive graphics from the data, helping the user to more easily digest the information through visualisation.

Additionally Pulse includes collaboration features that enable multiple users to view and edit information as they see fit, whilst also allowing them to add notes to your list of incomes and expenses that can easily be shared with colleagues or consultants. Float, like Vistr, is also designed to run in conjunction with complimentary accounting software.

Float automatically analyses the data entries from your accounting software to seamlessly produce live and accurate budgets and sales forecasts within minutes. Float has been built with the business owner in mind, and is primarily orientated around keeping them informed on what to them, is the most important metric — cash.

Built-in tools make it easy to test the numbers, drill down to specific data points, generate reports, and assess? Additionally, Vistr will keep you updated with planned payments, and like the other platforms in the market, Vistr will lay the data out in a digestible fashion that makes for an easier comprehension of your cash flow position. Dryrun is a platform centred around simplicity and flexibility, with the focus of its software being the ability to deliver cash flow management and financial forecasting services that are solely intended for the use of small businesses and their accountants.

However, Dryrun differs to market place competitors by offering a scenario based approach to their financial forecasting. The software flags potential issues and delivers important analytics like sales forecasting, which enables business owners to weight their options up and provides them with a valuable insight in to how they may best proceed to maximise their potential gains.

Dryrun also makes use of an intelligent and visually stimulating interface that can facilitate an easy collaboration from your accountant. Calxa is a cash flow and budgeting software marketed towards small businesses, with in built tools designed to address your fundamental cash flow needs: The software analyses data and provides a summarised report that details a sufficient level of information to enable solid decision making based from a snapshot of your current position.