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Die Aktienfavoriten für Elektronik, Hard- und Software Land: Cisco Systems Aktie News und Analysen. Cisco überrascht mit gutem Start ins neue Geschäftsjahr - Aktienkurs steigt. Direkter Einstieg zu favorisieren - Zertifikateanalyse. Menschen in Deutschland sehen Digitalisierung zwiespältig. Cisco überrascht mit Ausblick - Aktie legt nachbörslich deutlich zu. Offene Lösungen sollten der Anspruch sein.

CSCO is the world's largest supplier of networking equipment and systems, playing an important role in a wide variety of computing fields. The two named the company after a common nickname for San Francisco. Entering the market as computers began to play a more widespread role in business, Cisco focused on developing routers.

In particular, the company emphasized the development of multiple-protocol routers, eventually expanding into Ethernet switching after the acquisition of several companies in that field. Cisco's strong pursuit of service providers in the early days of the internet provided it a dominant market position in the late s and early s, at one point becoming the most valuable company in the world.

Routers, switches and other network systems still account for a significant proportion of Cisco's overall product offerings, but its portfolio has since expanded to include software services such as security and video conferencing. The company still largely targets businesses, but its Linksys access points and switches are a prominent part of the consumer market. Since its founding 30 years ago, Cisco has migrated away from its namesake, moving its headquarters south to West Tasman Drive, San Jose, California However, with 60, employees the company features locations around the world, including a major presence in India with its Globalisation Centre East in Bangalore.

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