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In the s the CBC provided hands-on training and employment for actors, writers, and directors in the developing field of its television dramatic services. The cuts continue at Mother Corp". For French programming, the "Radio-Canada" was placed on top. List of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation personalities.

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It is amphibious, its streamlined body and tail, short legs, webbed feet and dense waterproof fur equipping it to hunt in water. Young are born in a nest under a rock pile or in a burrow or similar shelter. The pelage is dense and protected by long guard hairs with an underfur of several fine hairs per follicle. It is valued as a beautiful and durable fur; several thousand otters are trapped each year. Where not harassed, otters tame easily. They are abundant even in such busy harbours as Vancouver.

See also Fur trapping. Canadian Biodiversity Website A great information source for all budding biologists. To support marine conservation efforts, Shell Canada announces it intends to voluntarily release about 50, km2 of exploratory permits off coastal British Columbia, Canada. Shell Canada is enabling this endeavor through the in-kind gift and sale of the building to the University of Calgary. More than one and a half times the size of Vancouver Island, the acreage is located in the Queen Charlotte and Tofino basins covering vast and environmentally rich areas.

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Whether it be a fully-serviced campsite, roofed accommodation, an interpretive guided hike or a remote backcountry experience, visitors can plan their experience with confidence and travel at ease, with the peace of mind of a guaranteed place at their favourite location. For general information, please call the Parks Canada national information line at June 21 to September 2;. Loops A, B, C, D: June 5 to September Sites - May 3 to October 13; Sites - May 10 to October 13;.

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