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TSX Venture Exchange Announces the Venture 50; Stock Market Basics: What is an ETF? Stock Market Basics: How to Read Earnings Reports; Start with an idea: the latest discovery tool from TMXmoney will help spark your investment strategy.

China's economic woes put U. Our website allows readers to easily search for their favourite stocks. Shutdown risks delays to U. The Currency Exchange Today displays last trade in the last 60 seconds. News Commentary Press Release Analysis.

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This webpage is dedicated to fast updates about the TSX Index today. The idea is to provide fast and independent market updates about the TSX Index. We include numerous live charts from the leading providers, for deeper analysis of the market events.

Our website allows readers to easily search for their favourite stocks. TMX Group is a dynamic marketplace to access capital and liquidity that drives the growth of domestic and international companies. Visit them at their website: The TSX stock exchange defines an index as a statistical measure of the state of the stock market, based on the performance of certain stocks.

The performance of the index is typically viewed as a broad indicator of the direction of the economy. Originally known as the TSE the composite index was created in , with a base level of as of Through the years the index consisted of a sample of companies, though the companies that comprised the index varied from year to year.

Stocks were dropped when they no longer met exchange requirements for size and liquidity. Tougher criteria for meeting size and liquidity standards were imposed and there is now no fixed number of companies in the index. Since May the number of companies has dropped from to as of November of Our webpage gets thousands of visits.

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China warnings signal Trump's trade war finally hitting home. Fed Chair Powell pledges patience, sensitivity to downside risks. Trump, Democrats dig in ahead of meeting on government shutdown.

Top Mining Gainers and Decliners in Where are the Stops? Friday, January 4, Gold and Silver. Thursday's Forex Analytical Charts, Jan. Our Gold Forecast for First Majestic Silver Corp. News Commentary Press Release Analysis. Dollar, Stocks Kitco News - Jan 4 9: Fed is flexible and aware of risks Reuters - Jan 4 3: Fed's Barkin Reuters - Jan 4 3: Trump Reuters - Jan 4 3: Powell Reuters - Jan 4 2: Fed's Powell pledges patience over economy Reuters - Jan 4 1: Kitco Video News - Jan 3 9: