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Hindi movie reviews from an American moviegoer's perspective

Home HOT NEW TOP. An app used to stream popular films via torrenting. This subreddit supports the official version: Popcorn Time. If you have a different version .

Images never come into perfect focus, and scenes with a lot of movement, such as dance numbers, can look like a messy, pixelated jumble. For many fans, the biggest selling point of Eros Now is likely its impressive music catalog. The service features music videos and soundtrack albums for most of the films in the streaming catalog, as well as for films yet to be released, such as Nautanki Saala and Chashme Badoor.

Though it lacks a film queue, the app allows users to generate a music playlist. Another bonus is that the music continues to play even after closing out of the app. So how does one decide between Netflix and Eros Now? If the choice is based on video quality alone, Netflix is the clear winner. Netflix also has the advantage of having a massive library of movies and TV shows in dozens of other languages.

The choice may ultimately come down to the contents of each of catalog. The battle between the catalogs is pretty much a draw, as both offer a lot of good options. Eros Now gets new movies sooner than Netflix, but for every Table No. The streaming service Mela shuts down permanently on September 15, With its only real competitor out of the picture, Netflix is unquestionably the best option for streaming Bollywood movies on iPad devices.

But which app is the best, particularly for movie fans who rely as I do on English subtitles? All of the apps reviewed have a fee associated with full access to their catalogs.

Unlike other video streaming services, Mela focuses exclusively on Indian content. By virtue of having a narrow focus, the Mela iPad app is incredibly easy to search. For most American fans, Mela is the only way to see the horror flick Ghost or the relationship drama Chaurahen.

But Mela offers more than just arthouse fare. Mela gets an incomplete grade on one criterion: I often have to start a movie and fast forward to see if the dialog is subtitled. Most recent releases are subtitled — as Kahaani will be — and the company continues to add subtitles to older films already in the catalog, a process that the company says should be completed in the next couple of months.

Another feature that would make the app ideal would be an ability to search movies by release year. However, within each language, there is a category for newly added titles, which includes recent theatrical releases.

Netflix is undoubtedly the video service Americans are most familiar with. In addition to an extensive library of DVDs, Netflix has more than 70 Hindi titles available for streaming. The other obvious advantage for Netflix is its huge catalog of English-language movies and TV shows, as well as other foreign films.

If I want to see which Hindi movie at Netflix has the most recent theatrical release date, I have to go to the Netflix website, search for Hindi-language movies, sort them by release year, add the appropriate movie to my queue, and then access my queue on the iPad app to watch the movie.

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Maybe someone else who reads the comments can identify this one. Was it a relatively new Bollywood film or an older one? Did it star any recognizable actors? Thanks for providing an answer! April 27, Access Bollywood. May 15, Access Bollywood. June 8, Access Bollywood. June 15, Access Bollywood. June 22, Access Bollywood. July 1, Access Bollywood. August 13, Access Bollywood. August 14, Access Bollywood. August 26, Access Bollywood. September 3, Access Bollywood.

September 4, Access Bollywood. September 18, Access Bollywood. September 25, Access Bollywood. September 30, Access Bollywood. It would be really nice if Netflix prioritized getting newer films. Hawaizaada is the only release available. If the Hindi film industry wants to get serious about stopping piracy, how about getting movies on Netflix in less than a year?

October 9, Access Bollywood. Please try and get aashique 2, salaame ishq, om shanti om, more movies with karishama, salmaan Khan, raani mukaji, sharu khan, thank you! You should tweet to Netflix and let them know! October 15, Access Bollywood. October 16, Access Bollywood. October 23, Access Bollywood. November 6, Access Bollywood. November 20, Access Bollywood. November 27, Access Bollywood.

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