The historian and Slavist, who lived for many years on different continents. Big data, machine learning and risk management with a focus on Russian financial sector Kate Kazak is the chief risk officer for developing countries in the fintech company ID Finance. Es betreibt mehr als 73 Büros in 46 Ländern. You can choose between three power plants in the Santa Fe:

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The negotiation that E3 has with the LA Convention Center and the City of Los Angeles lasts until , but what will happen after that is suddenly up in the air.

Gallagher pointed out that the center should be modernized to increase the overall floor space and make the different halls more contiguous.

The two main halls of the center are separated by a long hallway. E3 has not yet started selling public tickets for next year's event, meaning that it has not come to any concrete decisions on venue. Gallagher stressed that there will be a good degree of feedback between the gaming industry, E3 and the fans that attend the shows before a decision is made regarding the format for This hardball technique has been tried before by the ESA.

Die russisch-englische Benutzeroberfläche ermöglicht eine transparente doppelte Buchführung nach allen gängigen Standards in Russland. Dies ermöglicht eine schnelle digitale Transformation von Geschäftseinheiten und verringert Kosten. Her main focus is the development and strengthening of the "digital" cooperation betweeen the RSPP-members and the German partners. RSPP is a Russian non-political organization that represents business interests both in Russia and internationally, regardless of the size, industry or location.

RSPP connects thousands of leading Russian companies, including representatives of industrial, scientific, financial and trade organizations in all regions of Russia. She is also going to discuss the plans of both countries for the exchange of technologies and know-how. Moreover, she will talk about her own experiences in implementing innovations and building a common digital ecosystem.

Dabei geht sie auf die Pläne beider Länder zum Austausch von Technologien und Know-How ein und erzählt über die Erfahrungen in der Umsetzung von Innovationen und im Aufbau eines gemeinsamen digitalen Ökosystems. As Chairman of the Management Board, he is responsible for the company's growth strategy, new business and marketing. The historian and Slavist, who lived for many years on different continents.

He held a number of leadership positions in international companies, including a Danish real estate group. Prior to joining 2b AHEAD, he developed an award-winning IT startup platform, which is for configuring and delivering highly individualized financial products for a large German bank. Jan Berger lives with his wife and two children in Berlin. One of his hobbies is caring for his house on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. In his presentation entitled "Life and Business in ", he will share with the listeners an idea about which technologies will dominate everyday life in and where business can be generated in the future.

Lebens- und Arbeitswelten Der Historiker und Slawist lebte viele Jahre auf verschiedenen Kontinenten. Er bekleidete eine Reihe von Führungspositionen in international agierenden Unternehmen, darunter in einem dänischen Immobilienkonzern. Jan Berger lebt mit seiner Frau und zwei Kindern in Berlin. Eines seiner Hobbys ist die Pflege seines Hauses an der bulgarischen Schwarzmeerküste. At RUSummit , Alexey Misailov will speak on the topic of digitalization in international logistics and innovations in customs clearance in Russia.

Zuvor war er Chef bei einem führenden Unternehmen auf dem russischen Markt im Bereich der Zollabfertigung. FM Logistic ist ein internationales Familienunternehmen, das vor über 20 Jahren in Russland gegründet wurde. Im Fokus steht unter anderem die Rückverfolgbarkeit von Produkten, die ins Ausland exportiert oder importiert werden. At the RUSummit , Preobrazhenskiy talks about the future of markets, money and nations.

The main question is to what extent the blockchain technology can automate financial systems, states and companies. Zudem ist er Vorsitzender des Blockchain Economic Forum. Dabei geht es vor allem um die Frage, inwiefern die Blockchain-Technologie Finanzsysteme, Staaten und Unternehmen automatisieren kann.

She has extensive experience in managing high-budget campaigns for global brands in European markets, top-tier partner relationships and GR Communications. She's worked on client, agency and search engine side and has served as Deputy Press Secretary of British Embassy in Moscow. RoboCV specializes in the automation of warehouse operations. The company based in the Skolkovo Technology and Innovation Center near Moscow, produces intelligent robots for logistics sector.

Read more in Ostexperte. Lesen Sie mehr im Ostexperte. Big data, machine learning and risk management with a focus on Russian financial sector. Fintech specializes in risk management and credit risk analysis technologies. At RUSummit , Kate Kazak will talk about big data, machine learning and risk management with a focus on Russian financial sector.

Andrey's core activities include consulting on employment and migration law, and also legislation on personal data. Andrey's work experience includes the representation of client interests in courts on employment disputes and pre-court settlements, due diligence of HR documentation, the drafting of employment agreements, the drafting of HR documentation and internal regulations and policies, consulting on issues relating to employment and dismissal, staff redundancies and the application of other staff restructuring measures, consulting on mutual relations with trade unions, the drafting of incentive programs for management and employees including share option plans , the imposition of disciplinary sanctions and other forms of liability, consulting on occupational health and safety issues, the special assessment of employment conditions, the establishment of workplace quotas and other issues.

At RUSummit , Andrey Slepov will talk about the use of foreign cloud services in Russia from legal perspective new developments, restrictions, data protection. In addition, he is the head of the Special Committee on Digitization of Medicine in a national industry association called "Business Russia". Onetrak is a Russian manufacturer of e-health wearables. Its portfolio includes fitness trackers. The leading video-on-demand service Ivi.

The platform is used by 19 million users monthly and includes over 65, films and TV shows. During his presentation, Ivan Grinin will talk about the increasing popularity of legal streaming offerings in Russian market. The goal is to optimize communications among patients, physicians, clinics, medical organizations, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies.

During his presentation, Alexander Naslednikov will talk about his decentralized e-health platform for online medical appointments and health data, as well as benefits of using the blockchain technology. It is primarily aimed at customers in the areas of B2B, industry, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. During his presentation, Marcel Schrepel will talk about the most important factors and the most common mistakes in online marketing in Russia.

Find out more about the work of trust in time in the Ostexperte. It publishes daily news, specialist articles and interviews with high-profile CEOs, experts and politicians. The presentation will cover the influence of the digitalization on the insurance market as well as new business fields for companies from other industries.

As an editor in financial and business news company, Ben Aris regularly engages in the development of online commerce in Russia. He will talk about the related changes for retailers in Moscow.

Endurance is a technology company headquartered in Naples, Florida. The goal is to develop robots for households and businesses. Areas of expertises include machine learning, laser technologies, chatbots and virtual realities.

During his lecture, George Fomitchev will share his knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, future of chatbots and new types of communication that can affect our lives. With more than 50 locations worldwide and partner network, GTAI supports German companies on their way abroad, promotes Germany as a business location and supports foreign companies in settling in Germany.

During his presentation, Hans-Jürgen Wittmann will talk about state regulations in Russian e-commerce sector, market potential and planned lowering of exemption limits, which affects German online retailers. STULZ equips leading Russian data centers and operational applications with highly efficient solutions.

The company is one of the world's leading solution providers for energy-efficient technologies in the field of temperature and humidity. During his presentation at RUSummit , Mark Belenki will talk about the successful three-year implementation of an IT infrastructure project in Siberia and the use of German engineering in a Russian industrial company.

During his presentation, Adrien Henni will give an overview of digital businesses, technological innovations and startup scenes in Russia, Ukraine and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia. With more than 50 locations worldwide and partner networks, GTAI supports German companies on their way abroad, promotes Germany as a business location and supports foreign companies in settling in Germany.

In addition, the expert for Industry 4. His work focuses on cross-border issues of the relationship between Germany and China. The focus will be on the Russian software solution 1C: ERP and practical examples. During her speech at RUSummit , Olesja Becker will talk about the reputation of European brands in Russia, the special opportunities for fashion companies in Russian market and cross-border trading in the B2C segment.

Industrial use and experience in Russian mining industry — benefits, expectations, trends. It specializes in the development, design, manufacture, worldwide distribution and service of solids and sophisticated pumps. Stanton Chase is a leading international consulting and executive search company founded in It operates more than 73 offices in 46 countries.

Stanton Chase has been active in Russia since During her speech at RUSummit , Karin von Bismarck will elaborate the digitization of society, the New Work Readiness and the shortage of skilled workers in Russia. During his presentation at RUSummit , Andreas Steinborn will explain how small and medium-sized enterprises in the German-Russian and international contexts can reduce financial business risks.

Find out more about Delcreda's business in the Ostexperte. Data protection in Germany and Russia: New barriers or clear rules for cooperation? At RUSummit , Dr. Tatiana Vukolova will share her knowledge about new regulations and requirements for international companies and compare it to regulations in the Russian Federation. His task includes coordination of the working group for "Digitization".

The RDX is a full 3 inches longer than its predecessor, with 2. Mated to a speed automatic transmission, the little VTEC should offer quality fuel economy and a sporty ride when desired, which can be selected through the four-mode Integrated Dynamics System. Also standard are way adjustable and heated front seats, a host of intelligent safety systems, a The A-Spec variant of the RDX will offer up bigger wheels, optional red and black interior, glass black accents throughout, and some custom cosmetic touches.

A new design and naming program for the fourth-generation Hyundai Santa Fe are on tap for The current five-passenger Santa Fe Sport name will be dropped, and it will simply be called the Santa Fe. The new Santa Fe design language features a more open and taller cabin, offering better visibility and a roomier feel. Muscular bodylines, especially in the rear of the vehicle, make the new Santa Fe look athletic and ready for action. More rear passenger legroom and cargo room are mostly due to the stretched wheelbase.

It increases by 2. You can choose between three power plants in the Santa Fe: The diesel option is the most surprising and will probably be the most fun to drive with all that torque! A new eight-speed automatic transmission, with available column-mounted paddle shifters, should offer up both good fuel economy and an engaging driving experience with all engine options.

Expect it to hit dealer lots sometime in The Aviator will enter the medium luxury SUV segment, which accounted for over , new vehicle sales in A twin-turbo engine, probably some iteration of the Eco-Boost V6, powers it. Expect a plug-in hybrid option.

Technology will be at the forefront of this new luxury SUV offering. A big inch touchscreen will come standard. Lincoln also introduces Suspension Preview Technology with the Aviator. The system will use forward-scanning cameras to watch the road for potholes and bumps while seamlessly adjusting the suspension. Expect the vehicle at dealer lots sometime next year.

The Atlas Cross Sport is a smaller version of the Atlas — the same chassis and wheelbase. But it is 7. It offers seating for five and a hp plug-in hybrid system featuring two electric motors and a 3.