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Inside, the Sierra HD All Terrain X also features GMC IntelliLink with an 8-inch-diagonal color touchscreen, Teen Driver, remote-locking tailgate, remote starting system, Rear Vision Camera, adjustable pedals, leather-appointed seats, heated front seats and wireless mobile device charging. Jul 20, Location: As his father, George H. BB code is On. I have an obs 2dr tahoe with nbs rims.

I'm Interested!

If so which ones? Pics are always great Thanks so much. Lxvsocal Active Member Oct 30, The ride quality will feel better with 18s. I tried some 18x9 methods with 35x And it has the 2 inch level making it 3" taller than a normal non offroad ram.

I however have seen 35x I just ordered a rebel 12 with air suspension. Anyone know the biggest size I can go with that stock configuration? The Rebel I test drove belonged to the dealer manager and he had 35's on the stock rims with a 2" lift I was told. I drove that to see what the ride quality was like and it didn't seem to be too bad.

I like the look of 18's and more rubber on the Rebel personally, so I'm looking to see if I can find something I like to fit. Lxvsocal Active Member Nov 12, Which specific Method wheels did you try? John Active Member Nov 13, Method 18x9 mr standard. Lxvsocal Active Member Nov 13, Was it a backspace issue or the calibers wouldn't clear at all?

That truck looks really good though. I have a with 34x They rubbed a little until i trimmed it. The wheel offset also has a lot to do with it. So that probably is why mine had a small amount of rubbing. I went with because I have fender flares and wanted my tires to come out even with them, instead of being tucked under as they were with factory offset. Where i got my lift they said it would take a 6" to clear 35's with my offset but i didnt need or want my truck that high.

I have seen another truck on this forum with 35's and a level kit and he had a 0 offset i believe, cant remember for sure. Said barely cleared but no rubbing. Yeah i plan on keeping stock wheels. Which are the 20" wheels. It may fit, it may look good, but it can't be that functional.

Go offroad, hit some bumps, etc, and you'll be more than just rubbing. Some lifted trucks " need trimming to fit a 35", I don't understand why there is a fad to stuff a tire in a wheel well like that On stock wheels I believe you can get away with a full 33in tire. Yeah im on edge right now on tire size. Like i said i dont want to hack my truck up just for tires.