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The TNL-series is characterized through high performance in combination with easy setup and programming. TRAUB turn-mill centers are intended for economic complete machining of complex parts on a single machine.

Turning and milling operations, as well as the implementation of other machining processes such as polygon turning, profile and flat milling, the production of special threads or the integration of laser machining. The decisive factor is not the multitude of variants, but the profit you make. The performance of a modern machine tool depends not only on a well-designed machine but also to a large degree on the CNC control.

TRAUB has realized this early on, which is why we have been developing our own control concept TX8i-series, thus setting new standards. They convince with short set-up times , fast bar change and a backlash-free guidance of the bar for high surface qualities.

Hydrodynamic guide concept Setting up during the production Bar loading magazine and machine from one source go to product. Discover the new operating system Xpanel i4. Take advantage of our outstanding programming and 3D-simulation software VirtualLine. The operating system for direct communication with your business organization. Focus on control and production — Industry 4. VirtualPro — Programming support.

Sliding headstock automatic lathes. Z-travel go to product. Let's say we want to write a formula that returns the sales number for February for any given salesperson. Working one step at a time, let's leave the column hardcoded as 2 and make the row number dynamic.

How will we do that? Naturally, we don't want to hardcode the name either. To keep things simple, we hardcoded the column number 2 to get sales for February. For example, this formula return the position of March, which is But of course we don't want to hardcode any values, so let's update the worksheet to allow the input of a month name, and use MATCH to find the column number we need.

The screen below shows the result:. It's simply a more flexible way to look things up. It's an excellent function with it's own benefits:. Skip to main content. Excel formula video training - quick, clean, and to the point. I would just like to say, that being a high level excel user, your site has been a godsend for me. As police cleared surrounding rooms before making the arrest, Jones fired seven or eight of shots at officers, Slavin said.

Jones had killed himself, self-inflicted gunshot wound. The killings happened quickly, starting last Thursday afternoon. Police said the suspect killed a noted forensic psychiatrist, two paralegals and a counselor. All the victims were shot within 24 hours of each other and within a mile radius in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Police said the fourth victim, though found Saturday morning, died Friday afternoon. On Monday morning, the fifth and sixth victims were found in Fountain Hills, a suburb of Scottsdale.

Investigators realized the first four killings had been committed by the same person because shell casings found at the crime scenes were similar, Slavin said. Police got a tip about Jones on Saturday night, Slavin said. Once police made him a suspect, they obtained a DNA sample from one of Jones' relatives in northern Arizona and the lab matched it to DNA on a shell casing, he said.

Jones but we really wanted that definitive proof that it was him," Slavin said. We had that proof. Police didn't say who gave them the tip, but it may have come from his ex-wife's current husband.

In her statement, Connie Jones said: Jones goes on to say, "As a medical professional and a citizen I am deeply saddened by the tragedy caused by my ex-husband. The first person killed was Steven Pitt, a forensic psychiatrist who was involved in several high-profile cases.

He was found shot dead in Phoenix on Thursday after witnesses heard a loud argument and gunshots, officials said. Jones was examined by Pitt under court order during the divorce proceedings, Slavin said.