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It is their way of improving their cash flow without additional borrowings while achieving a significant reduction in interest expense. Allowing sellers to only pay for what they use, let us create a seamless experience for sellers to leverage our world-class facilities. This is a long term role, at the heart of a successful Wealth Management firm. They maintain warehouse staffing levels by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees. Do you want to guide our customers to adopt agile operation models, build micro-service architectures, and leverage server-less computing?

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This is where the danger of diabolical misuse lurks, for it is this that can once and for all destroy human beings. Losing the Intellectual Tradition. Something fantastic, something deep, something old, something elevated, something high is basically being obliterated. Also from Cold Spring Shops: But shallow thoughts about collaboration and de-leveling and de-siloing and de-hierarchicalization are indeed in many cases detracting from the serious work that needs to be done on organizational design.

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook. Related, from Roger Simon: Iran protests expose mainstream media as reationary, not liberal. Three from Sarah Hoyt: The things that stay. The importance of feedback: Of course they do: When the Left bullies, they pose as anti-bullies cross-posted at Chicago Boyz , where comments are oepn.

Following a successful career on Wall Street, the author in took a job as an analyst with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. In this primarily-male organization, she did not experience discrimination on account of her sex…but she did face serious prejudice against her on account of not having a PhD. Her take on the Fed is that is is far too theoretical in its approach and too limited in the backgrounds of its staff: Grasping the modus operandi of the Federal Reserve requires first anchoring in your mind two words: We know better than you.

Only our models can decipher and predict the economy. One Fed official that she does speak of very highly is Richard Fisher, who was president of the Dallas Fed when she was there and was a noted critic of the way the quantitative easing program was carried out. He is now an advisor to Barclays and a member of the PepsiCo board. Forgotten Victory , by Gary Sheffield. This is basically a revisionist history of the First World War.

The author argues that—contrary to common opinions—the war, although tragic, was not futile, and that the British Army was not the incompetent organization as which it has often been portrayed, but rather was an institution which develop the ability to learn and to adapt: The British Expeditionary Force did not simply gape at the trenches with incomprehension in the winter of Instead, British soldiers at all levels began a process of innovation and experimentation as the BEF rapidly began to adjust to the new conditions of warfare.

If a unit bethought itself of some useful improvisation, such as a new method of firing rifle grenades, carrying rations or making ingenious loopholes combining a better field of fire with greater safety, details were collected and circulated by Army Headquarters. One area of technical innovation cited by the author was in the artillery. More important than the technical and tactical points, of course, is the question of whether the war was really necessary at all.

This book probably deserves a stand-alone review and discussion thread. Dewey Kerrigan, a year-old aspiring inventor, sets off on a cross-country train trip to be with her father, who is engaged in war work. She is engaged in designing a radio when a fellow passenger, Dick Feynman, offers to help her.

They are both bound for the same destinations, Los Alamos. Britain was forced to withdraw its troops at Durkirk—along with virtually all their heavy equipment. In December of that year, Bernanos, then living in Brazil, wrote as follows: It mean that we can at once recognize in it the threefold visible sign of its nature. Last June all these folk from one end of the world to the other, no matter what the color of their skins, were shaking their heads.

Never had they been so old, never had they been so proud of being old. All the figures that they had swallowed in the course of their miserable lives as a safeguard against the highly improbable activity of their emotions had choked the channels of circulation.. Hurrah for the children of England! At this moment you English are writing one of the greatest pages of history, but I am quite sure that when you started, you meant it as a fairy tale for children.

An outstanding work of alternative history. It is now known that when Hitler remilitarized the Rhineland in , his forces were under orders to withdraw if faced by serious opposition by the then-much-superior French and British militaries. What if they had? Some of the characters are fictional, others are real people imagined as following different trajectories. Very well-done, should not be missed. Advice about running a startup from a venture capitalist…the author is cofounder of the VC firm Andreessen Horowitz.

A lot of worthwhile points, some of which should be obvious, others not so much so. Understanding what you did wrong if you hired an executive who did not work out: Horowitz goes through several possible causes of the failure, including this: You hired for lack of weakness rather than for strengths.

This is especially common when you run a consensus-based hiring process. As a result, you hire an executive with no sharp weakness, but who is mediocre where you need her to be great.

On excessive focus on quantitative metrics: The first rule of organizational design is that all organizational designs are bad. With any design, you will optimize communication among some parts of the organization at the expense of other parts.

For example, if you put product management in the engineering organization, you will optimize communication between product management and engineering at the expense of product management and marketing.

As a result, as soon as you roll out the new organization, people will find fault with it, and they will be right…Think of the organizational design as the communications architecture for your company. If you want people to communicate, the best way to accomplish that is to make them report to the same manager. By contrast, the further away people are on the organizational chart, the less they will communicate.

The organizational design is also the template for how the company communicates with the outside world. The hard thing is waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat when the dream turns into a nightmare. Regarding the latter, Harford credits Harry Gordon Selfridge, who worked for Marshall Field, with creating the concept. Selfridge had no truck with snobbery or exclusivity. This post to be further continued. Somehow I had never previously read Fielding who wrote between and …now that I have, I am very impressed.

Interesting characters, clever and intricate plotting, many passages that are very funny, and the author, I think, shows great insight into human behavior. All are IMO well worth reading. Harmony , by Chicago Grrll Margaret Ball. This is a series, encompassing three books. With the development of interstellar travel, humanity had the chance for a fresh start. Think about a society designed from the ground up by someone like Hillary Clinton. Of course, it works out about as well as utopian projects usually work out.

Gabrel, a leader of the independence movement, seizes Isovel, daughter of the commander of the invading forces, as hostage. Jillian, a soap opera star in holodramas, has been largely insulated from the impoverishment that is afflicting so many. When a farm boy named Ruven comes to the city to plead for better terms for his dairy cooperative, she uses her acting skills to teach him how to appeal to the emotions as well as to logical thought.

A Balcony in the Forest , by Julian Gracq. In preparing for the German onslaught which actually came in May of , the French general staff made some serious errors. One was to view the heavily-wooded sector of the Ardennes as basically impassible by major forces. He finds that he loves the Ardennes, though, and his assignment gives him a great deal of satisfaction—especially when he meets a local girl named Mona and things develop rapidly between them. A strange, almost surrealistic book, with some beautiful descriptive writing.

This post to be continued. After the Neptunus Lex website went down, shortly after his fatal accident, it very fortunately turned out that someone had saved most of the posts offline. Sadly but inevitably, Bill has now come to the end of the saved posts.

We can hope that perhaps some additional Lex posts will show up somewhere in the odd corners of the Internet. The protagonist is introduced in the following passage….

It was cold on the rampart. I slapped my numbed hands together, then stopped hastily for fear of disturbing the Prophet. My post that night was just outside his personal apartments-a post that I had won by taking more than usual care to be neat and smart at guard mount. I was young then and not too bright-a legate fresh out of West Point, and a guardsman in the Angels of the Lord, the personal guard of the Prophet Incarnate.

At birth my mother had consecrated me to the Church and at eighteen my Uncle Absolom, a senior lay censor, had prayed an appointment to the Military Academy for me from the Council of Elders. There are also programmers and system designers employed in creating and tuning software to facilitate the censorship function, and there are actually startups focused on this area.

It has often been observed that the number of college administrators is growing much faster than the numbers of college faculty.

A nontrivial number of these are engaged in what are basically censorship functions. Even in business, the censorship of wrongspeech has become a major function of Human Resources and a consumer of management time. There are multiple reasons for the censorship boom: Social media gives them new scope for this activity.

With regard to 1 , the social media companies…especially FB…really do have a dilemma. There is an obvious public interest in preventing the dissemination of terrorist propaganda and operational plans, and an obvious human interest in responding to desperate cries for help, as with the suicides that were pre-announced on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the Leftist orientation of most of these companies, combined with Silicon Valley groupthink, does not tend toward policies that are particularly supportive of free speech.

How readily I used to blame Some poor young soul that came to shame! And the amateur censors often operate by activating the professional censors. Jonathan Haidt on Identity Politics: When I was at Yale in the s, I was given so many tools for understanding the world. By the time I graduated, I could think about things as a utilitarian or as a Kantian, as a Freudian or a behaviorist, as a computer scientist or as a humanist.

I was given many lenses to apply to any given question or problem. But what do we do now? Many students are given just one lens—power. The offer, which has to be approved by shareholders, isn't expected to close until the end of the year.

Deutsche Bank said the price represented a 21pc premium to the deal offered by Royalty, which included a mix of cash and possible future payments based on sales of Tysabri. Elan has undergone significant change in the past couple of years. Apart from selling its stake in Tysabri, from which it continues to receive royalties, it hived off its drug development business into a new company and sold its drug technology unit to Alkermes.

Perrigo executive Joe Papa described the deal as a "really great day" for shareholders. He said the transaction would allow Perrigo to use Ireland as a gateway to Europe. Mr Martin is expected to take part in an orderly handover of the Elan business to Perrigo before stepping aside.

Under the terms of his contract with Elan, and combined with share options he holds, the former Merrill Lynch banker is on track for a massive payday. His contract stipulates that if Elan is sold, Mr Martin is entitled to a payment of three times his annual salary and expected bonus. He will also get the use of an office and full-time secretary for up to three years. Additionally, he will be entitled to "career transition assistance".

Under the Perrigo deal, the options immediately vest and become exercisable with the holder of being paid whatever amount is applicable under the deal. Paul Melia Intel plans to quadruple the amount of power it uses at its Co Kildare plant in a significant expansion of its microchip manufacturing facility. The US Treasury's decision to lift sanctions on the owner of Aughinish Alumina refinery, which employs hundreds in West Limerick, could be delayed following concerns by Democrats that the Trump administration is being too soft on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

The new combined group will be headquartered in Ireland, slashing its tax bill. The sale process drew a number of interested parties. Business Newsletter Read the leading stories from the world of Business. Takeover of Flybe by newly-formed group Connect Airways approved by airline's board An intensifying cash crunch at ailing UK regional carrier