Create and Print a PERT Chart in Project


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Driver Whiz is a software designed to help users manage driver-related concerns and errors on their computers. This software is used to update certain drivers for a specific device and correct driver-related errors encountered by users. It is wise to save the chart as a PDF file if you do not intend to use the cells in the Excel worksheet. This will eliminate the grid lines from the background of the chart and give a cleaner look to the entire document. PERT charts have several advantages in terms of implementing a control mechanism for large projects as well as carry out performance improvement efforts.

A project manager arranges the new project activity-wise in a PERT chart and estimates the time and resources required for the completion of each. The project manager can view details on the likelihood of the timely project completion.

He can also have an assessment of the possibility of the project being finished within budget by viewing PERT activities and events. For instance a project on software implementation will require completion of several critical activities such as installation of hardware, programming, system testing and training of the end users. With the help of a PERT chart, a project manager can make a reasonably accurate estimate of the time and resources that will be needed for each of the activities mentioned here.

The manager can also have a fairly reasonable idea of the total requirements from all the activities beginning from hardware installation to end user training. PERT charts improve planning and decision making.

It does so by collating and presenting the data received from multiple departments. The fact that qualitative and quantitative data is gathered from several sources helps in coordination of project activities and improved communication between departments. PERT identifies the departments responsible for each activity and also the role every man plays in the project.

When areas of responsibility become visible to all, the commitment to the activity and project as a whole increases. PERT also brings to light the activity interdependence and supplements the development of a master plan to give a comprehensive view of the operations.

PERT requires sequencing the activities under fixed rules that specify critical and sub critical paths. The critical path is defined as the longest sequence of events and activities in the entire project. As the name suggests, a what-if analysis identifies uncertainties and possibilities related to the project.

To reduce the surprises and waste arising out of the project activities, a combination of several activities are tried to select the most useful possibility. What-if analysis also enables the project manager to highlight the activities that carry the highest risk potential and would require meticulous planning and monitoring throughout the project.