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I want there to be a bull run just like the We construct a hypothetical portfolio of 1 Bitcoin, spread over 10 assets, to judge the relative strength of the altcoinmarket, since January 1st


Real-Time BTC-e LTC/BTC Market Charts.

We observe a consolidation period of over a few months. We construct a hypothetical portfolio of 1 Bitcoin, spread over 10 assets, to judge the relative strength of the altcoinmarket, since January 1st Considering we generally want to trade with the overall flows, we refer back to this chart in the following months to judge where we are in the bigger Here we can see a downtrend preceding a rising wedge, which is a bear signal.

Also volumes are decreasing at least on binance which means that less and less people are fighting for this support. I expect price signal to drop the same height as the wedge.

In 2H, if we look at the 50 SMA red line, we can see it can be used as support. We can see it's starting to The RSI is at There is a possibility of temporary retracement to suggested support zone 0.

Litecoin breaking out on Coinbase. Litecoin more bullish than BTC. From the creators of MultiCharts. Select market data provided by ICE Data services. Please, be active and take part in the discussion. Several days ago I posted polls in my social media to see, what do you think about financial independence.

The main question was: My previous btcusd analysis is still valid. Bitcoin' continues to consolidate as the market looks for direction, however are buyers drying up? The current pattern and price action may hold the clues and it may be prime for a market short raid. The initial rally off from caught a lot of shorts by surprise, however, it appears that momentum is stalling, and perhaps starting to show some I think we will see a lot of liquidations tomorrow on Bitfinex because of the downtime and the closing of the symmetrical triangle.

I was about to cover something else regarding Wyckoff but the video was coming to an end. I'll begin where I left off in another video. I'm about to begin creating that video shortly after I publish this one. Please take a moment to click "Like" if this is helpful to you. Retail is labeling Bitcoin BTC as an inverse head and shoulders right now. Please do not be fooled by these gurus that are not knowledgeable in this craft. An inverse head and shoulders is simply a break and retest of your break on your HTF not some magical pattern that makes you money.

That being said it is possible this "pattern" fulfills due This is a continuation of the previous video to explain WHY I believe we still have further to go up for our Automatic Rally. I hope this is helpful. If you find it helpful, please take a moment to click "Like. David Bitcoin from to Present using Wyckoff Watching exchange USDT wallets. There has been a large liq already, so I believe it should be