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A financial quotation refers to specific market data relating to a security or commodity. While the term quote specifically refers to the bid price or ask price of an instrument, it may be more generically used to relate to the last price which the security traded at (

Write a customer review. See all customer images. Showing of 2, reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I purchased this "unabridged" copy of the Dickens' classic for my 6th grader's literature class. I have a hardback copy at home, but he needed one he could take to school and make notes in.

We found entire paragraphs missing, typos, and the table of contents does not list out the separate staves, making it very confusing. My son has tried to use this for school, but it has been too confusing for him to follow along in class, since the paragraphs and breaks don't match up with the books his peers are using.

If you are looking for an inexpensive copy of A Christmas Carol, find another option! This one is definitely not a legitimate unabridged copy, and is a terrible option if the book is for school. I am purchasing another copy for my son. Conservative publisher added their own intro. Nice cover and illustrations, but the publisher has added a forward that manages to be transphobic, homophobic and emphasizes a conservative Christian viewpoint while railing against political correctness.

I was just trying to buy a copy of a classic, not stumble into an angry comments section. This is a nice version of A Christmas Carol, but I was hoping it would be a more accurate reproduction of the first printing. It has a printed hardcover, but not leather with gilded graphic and text like the first edition was.

It also does not have the gilded page edges like the original. The biggest downfall is that the original illustrations are poor quality. Audio CD Verified Purchase. I bought this last year at Christmastime and never had the opportunity to listen to it until recently. My parents and I absolutely love it!

I have always adored Patrick Stewart's video version of a Christmas Carol, he is one of the best Scrooge's ever!

In this version it is just him reading the entire book with no sound effects, he does all of the voices brilliantly. You are drawn into the story from beginning to end. This is a masterpiece of acting. You will be enthralled by the entire production. You will feel like you are there in Merry Old England as a part of the story. Stewart has one of the best voices in the business! My review is for the item I received, not the book in general.

The pictures of the item are not what I received. The pictures in this book look like blurry photocopies of an original. I bought this item based on the pictures and amazing reviews, but apparently did not receive the same product. I purchased the book as a gift and would be embarrassed to give it.

We all know Charles Dicken's work is a timeless classic. That is a given, and so my review will only be about the quality of the overall book and artwork. Such a well put together edition of this amazing story. Strong binding, sturdy stock. And the artwork by PJ Lynch is stellar. I instantly bought another book with his illustrations after buying this one. He creates such a strong mood fitting with this iconic Christmas Ghost story. And there aren't just a few pictures, the book is filled with his art.

Very happy with this purchase. This Amazon Classics Edition is wonderful! It is truly fantastic and makes me want to read other Dickens. I found parts funny and found parts sad. Truly a timeless story!!! This may refer to both exchange-traded and over-the-counter financial instruments. The bid price also known as the buy price and the ask price also known as the sell price of a security are the prices and often quantities at which buyers and sellers are willing to purchase or sell that security.

The bid shows the current price at which a buyer is willing to purchase shares, while the ask shows the current price at which they are willing to sell. The quantities at which these trades are placed are referred to as "bid size" and "ask size". The difference between the bid and ask price is known as the bid—ask spread. Level 2 data displays the best bid and ask prices also known as "top-of-book" for each market participant in a given security. In other words, at a given time there may be several market makers participating in trade matching for a specific stock.

Level 2 data will display the highest bid and lowest ask for each individual market maker. Level 2 information is of interest to traders and brokers because it indicates the buying and selling pressure behind individual securities.

Similar in format to live streaming share prices, a typical Level 2 screen is split in two vertical halves and will show orders on both the bid price of a security left-hand side and the offer price right-hand side. Traders can use this information to predict the short-term movement of a share or security in conjunction with volume traded, and attempt to profit from this information, which is usually legal as the information is in the public domain.

On SEAQ the quotes system that we looked at in a previous article all buys and sells go through a market maker who acts as an intermediary. The basis of SETS is that it directly matches willing buyers and sellers, creating efficiency in the markets by doing away with the intermediary of the market maker. This efficiency is true while the SETS system is populated by the most liquid and heavily traded stocks, but if matched bargains operate on less liquid stocks, waiting for a buyer to match with a seller could take hours, days or weeks.

Because of the efficiency of the SETS system stocks traded tend to have narrow spreads so the cost of entry and exit from a position is much smaller.

As an individual investor, should you wish to buy or sell a SETS stock, your broker will invariably still trade through a market maker, who will not display separate prices but simply use the SETS Level 2 screen to indicate where the market lies.