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Nepean …Patrick Nicholas Smith….. Kay , allowed them to use the day to Duel instead, as they could not access their virtual textbooks with the network down. Have one to sell? There are no shops near this hotel but there are shops in the hotel itself. Thousand also taunted them by revealing he can directly attack the Astral World whenever Yuma and Nash take damage.

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The reflection you are viewing is on the windows of the One Pacific Square Building which is on the west side of the Willamette River. The subject of the reflection is the Oregon Convention Center and the Lloyd Center Kaiser Permanente Building.

If Labour won the election, it would be a record third consecutive general election win for the party and would probably result in the end of Edward Heath's five-year reign as Conservative leader.

He was the first actor to be made a lord. They were believed to be those of Susan Blatchford 11 and Gary Hanlon 12 , who were last seen alive near their homes in North London on 31 March this year.

British Leyland created a niche in the four-wheel drive market by launching its luxury Range Rover, which was to be marketed as a more upmarket alternative to the utilarian Land Rover that had been in production since The wreckage was found in the mountains of Northern Spain, and there were no survivors.

Hendrix dies the following day from a barbiturate overdose at his London hotel, aged of Thames sailing barge Cambria, the last vessel trading under sail alone in British waters, loaded her last freight, at Tilbury.

The last narrowboats to carry long-distance freight commercially on the canals of the United Kingdom arrived with their last load, coal from Atherstone for a west London jam factory. At launch a full range of models are offered including 2 door and estate variants.

Unlike previous models this Cortina was developed as a Ford Europe model sharing the floor-pan with the similar German Ford Taunus. Away from the beaches of all-inclusive resorts, Jamaica has one of the world's highest murder rates. In - a record year - 1, Jamaicans were killed, the majority young men gunned down in gangland shootings. But gangs are not the only killers. The Jamaican Constabulary Force is responsible for one of the highest rates of killings by police in the Americas and the world, comparable to Colombia.

According to the government's own figures, the police killed people in By July this year the number had reached Over the past few weeks there has been a police killing nearly every day. During , an additional people were fatally shot by police officers. It is estimated that in the first five months of alone, police killings increased by 58 per cent, however, police officers are rarely punished for these crimes. There have been no convictions against a police officer since and only 4 convictions between and out of a total of more than 1, reports of fatal shootings.

There is a public security crisis in Jamaica and the state is failing to effectively provide human security to its population, especially to those most vulnerable to crime and violence, namely people living in poverty in inner-city communities. An unspoken tolerance of policing based on strong prejudice and stigmatization, excessive use of force, extrajudicial executions and corruption among certain members of the police force that reinforces a circle of violence for people living in poverty in socially excluded communities.

A lack of scrutiny and accountability of the Jamaica Constabulary Force JCF against allegations of corruption and human rights violations. Entrenched impunity for those human rights violations leaving the victims with no access to justice and a lack of progress in overcoming this longstanding problem. Some members of the JCF resort to unlawful killings to restrain individuals they believe pose a threat to the community.

In many instances officers also commit unlawful killings for no apparent reason, out of negligence or for reasons of political factions. There is little evidence to support the claim that many killings occur in so-called confrontations with gang members. The failure to provide representative, responsive and accountable human rights-based policing to people living in poverty in socially excluded communities has left a vacuum that is filled by gangs. Prejudiced attitudes amongst public officials towards people living in inner cities encouraging a stigmatization of these people as somehow worthless and deserving of their fate, and perpetuating their insecurity.

British postcard in the Film Kurier Series, London, no. English stage and film actor, director, and producer Leslie Howard — is best-known for his role as Ashley Wilkes in Gone with the Wind During the Second World War he was active in anti-Nazi propaganda. In his airliner was shot down, and this sparked modern conspiracy theories regarding his death.

His father was Jewish, and his mother was the granddaughter of a Jewish immigrant from East Prussia who had married into the English upper classes. Arthur, Howard's younger brother, was also an actor, primarily in British comedies.

Leslie initially grew up in Vienna, returning to London when his father joined a City stockbroking firm. He wrote his first play and was producing musical comedies with family friends by the age of In support of her artistically inclined children and their chums, Howard's mother started the Upper Norwood Dramatic Club to showcase their talents.

Like many others around the time of the First World War, the family changed their name, using Stainer as less German-sounding. Intending Leslie to follow in his footsteps, his father secured him a job as a bank clerk, but the acting bug had already bitten thanks to his mother's fondness for amateur dramatics, and Leslie would take on her adopted maiden name as his own.

Leslie Howard made his first short silent film for Clarendon, The Heroine of Mons directed by his uncle, director-producer Wilfred Noy. Shortly after that, he naively joined the 20th Hussars despite the fact that he had never ridden a horse and served on the Western Front. The Somme disaster of triggered shell-shock, which led to his relinquishing his commission in May The doctor advised to take up acting as part of his medical treatment. That same year he married and began his acting career in earnest, his matinee-idol looks helping him to success.

In Howard and his friend Adrian Brunel founded the short-lived company Minerva Films in London, which produced on a shoestring budget. Some of these films survive in the archives of the British Film Institute. However, Minerva Films soon went belly up leaving investors like H.

Wells without a penny. It took some ten years more and the coming of sound that his screen career really would take off, thanks to Hollywood's need to recruit actors with good stage-trained voices, the better to cope with primitive early recording equipment. Although the comedy-drama was hailed as a success by critics, Howard's performance was not. Undaunted, he appeared in several different types of plays on Broadway such as Aren't We All? He became an undisputed Broadway star with the bedroom farce Her Cardboard Lover Besides acting, he always seemed to find time to write stories and articles for The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and Reader's Digest and script plays he hoped to one day produce.

His dream came true when he starred in the Broadway productions of his own plays Murray Hill and Out of a Blue Sky After his success as time traveler Peter Standish in Berkeley Square , he launched his Hollywood career. First Howard starred opposite Douglas Fairbanks Jr. The stage, however, continued to be an important part of his career and Howard frequently juggled acting, producing, and directing duties in the Broadway productions in which he starred. However, he was always best known for his acting, enjoying triumphs in The Animal Kingdom and The Petrified Forest repeating both roles on film.

But he had the bad timing to open on Broadway in William Shakespeare's Hamlet just a few weeks after John Gielgud launched a rival production of the same play that was far more successful with both critics and audiences. In Hollywood, he became known as the perfect Englishman - slim, tall, intellectual and sensitive. It was a part that he played in many films, and a part women would dream about. Howard and Bogart had previously appeared in the play together on Broadway and became lifelong friends; the Bogarts named their daughter Leslie after him.

Howard had earlier co-starred with Davis in the film adaptation of W. It was another hit. As he became more successful, he also became quite picky about which roles he would do, and usually performed in only two films a year. In , he played against-his-will the character that will always be associated with him, that of Ashley Wilkes, the honor-bound disillusioned intellectual Southern gentleman in Gone with the Wind , Victor Fleming. A few days before war broke out Leslie Howard became uncomfortable with Hollywood and returned to England.

He could easily have stayed in Hollywood for the duration of the war, but he was one of the first British stars to make a point of returning home. He devoted all his energy on behalf of the war effort. He directed films, wrote articles and made radio broadcasts. The First of the Few, a moving wartime biopic of R.

Mitchell, designer of the Spitfire, was to be his last major screen role. He stayed behind the camera on The Gentle Sex , Leslie Howard , contributing only narration, as he felt his onscreen presence would have distracted from the film's main aims, to portray and celebrate the contribution of women to the war effort.

In private life, Howard was widely known as a ladies' man. He had married Ruth Martin in and they had two children. His son Ronald Howard became an actor and is noted for portraying the title character in a television series Sherlock Holmes Towards the end of his life, with the full knowledge of his wife, he did take a mistress, Violette Cunningham. Howard was among the 17 fatalities, together with 4 crew members and 12 other passengers.

The aircraft had been operating on a scheduled Lisbon—Whitchurch route throughout — that did not pass over what would commonly be referred to as a war zone. A long-standing hypothesis states that the Germans believed that UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who had been in Algiers, was on board the flight. Howard had been travelling through Spain and Portugal, ostensibly lecturing on film, but also meeting with local propagandists and shoring up support for the Allied cause.

The chance to demoralize Britain with the loss of one of its most outspokenly patriotic figures may have motivated the Luftwaffe attack. The biography by Estel Eforgan, Leslie Howard: At the time of his death, Leslie Howard was aged The shockingly sudden death of this quintessentially English film star was a national tragedy.

In , his daughter, Leslie Ruth Howard , also published a memoir of her father: A Quite Remarkable Father: A Biography of Leslie Howard. It was the first major programming for Hindi and Urdu-speaking viewers and represented the beginnings of regular broadcasting in the UK for non-native English speakers.

Until that point, all BBC programmes had assumed an English-speaking audience. Street was going to be the principal advisor on the film when he suddenly died of a heart attack.

A larger-than-life character, Billy Smart was born April 25, , in a family of 23 children. His father had owned a small furniture moving company in West Ealing, England, but business must have been bad not to mention the hardship caused by trying to provide for his huge family , or perhaps Mr.

Arthur Clifford "Cliff" Michelmore born 11 December is a British television presenter and producer. He is best known for the BBC television programme Tonight, which he presented from to Ivanhoe was a BBC television series from The director was David Maloney. It was shown on the Sunday tea-time slot on BBC1, which for several years showed fairly faithful adaptations of classic novels aimed at a family audience. It was later shown on US television. It consisted of five minute episodes. It is not widely remembered nowadays, but is remembered favourably by some who do remember it, as one of the better BBC Sunday adaptations, and possibly more accessible to a late 20th-century audience than Scott's original novel.

Clangers was a popular British stop-motion animated children's television series of short stories about a family of mouse-like creatures who live on, and in, a small blue planet quite similar to, but not intended to be, the Moon. They speak in whistles, and eat green soup supplied by the Soup Dragon. The programmes were originally broadcast by the BBC from — It features Francis Matthews as Paul Temple, the fictional detective created by Francis Durbridge, who solves crimes with the assistance of his wife Steve.

It aired in 52 episodes each with a running time of around fifty minutes. With a Song in My Heart is a biographical film which tells the story of actress and singer Jane Froman, who was crippled by an airplane crash on February 22, , when the Boeing Pan American Clipper flying boat she was on suffered a crash landing in the Tagus River near Lisbon, Portugal.

She entertained the troops in World War II despite having to walk with crutches. Froman herself supplied Hayward's singing voice. It also featured Terry Gilliam's animations, often sequenced or merged with live action. The first episode was recorded on 7 September and broadcast on 5 October on BBC One, with 45 episodes airing over four series from to , plus two episodes for German TV.

Katie Stewart, who has died aged 78, was one of the country's first culinary TV stars but, typically, was too modest to realise her role in the vanguard of celebrity chefdom.

Now the host, Brian Moore had to present On the Ball from whichever ground he had been assigned to commentate for The Big Match and the location had to be obscured from view to prevent potential punters from staying at home and watching the match on TV the following afternoon instead. Hill was not replaced, although there were numerous guests, but in August On The Ball was dropped in favour of "Headline" co-presented by Dickie Davies which gave ITV scope for addressing potentially more pressing sporting issues at the top of the programme.

It was eventually agreed that former Liverpool and Scotland player Ian St John would sit alongside Dickie Davies for "Headline" whilst Moore would now be able to concentrate on his Big Match duties having secured himself an improved contract, yet on 27th October following a three month strike that took ITV off the air On The Ball was restored, albeit now presented by Ian St.

Fun, free-wheeling, undemanding early adventure series, Cannonball was a series of half-hour family dramas chronicling the adventures of two truckers who hauled freight on the highways of Canada and the U.

It aired in Canada on Mondays at 9. Apart from its two American leads, the series relied heavily on Canadian talent in supporting roles. Howard Milsom portrayed dispatcher Harry Butler. Interestingly, the concept was revived fifteen years later in , for the short-lived series starring Claude Akins and Frank Converse; Movin' On. A woman working in the British Embassy in Brazil falls in love and marries a man, but soon discovers him to be a drunken wastrel tied up with serious crime.

It was nominated for two Academy Awards in It was produced by ITC Entertainment and first broadcast in Sir David Paradine Frost, Kt. He spent two decades as host of Through the Keyhole, as well as conducting serious interviews with various political figures, among them The Nixon Interviews.

Since he has been hosting the weekly programme The Frost Interview. At the height of his career in the s and early s, David Nixon was the best-known magician in the UK. The magical advisor was Ali Bongo, who later worked with Paul Daniels. The Lochiel was a boat in the floating harbour where all the waterfront bars like Piano and Pitcher.

For some of the time it had a nightclub in the hold. An old building on two floors with a steep staircase. If you did not leave before two in the morning,they would lock the doors and you would be stuck there until six.

Run by Dudley Grace, with Fred Curley on the door. It shut down in Anyone remember Chutes nightclub in Park Street. In the early days many bands and acts played at the club. The local guys had owned more than one business in Bristol but Chutes was the only one they shared. On Whiteladies near the train station. Favourite club for City football players of the late 70s was Platform 1 - If you managed to get in - door policy seemed to be you had to be a footballer, friend of a footballer or a female or live in Clifton?.

Best known these days as the club that gave birth to the 'Bristol Sound', the Dugout was often used as a live music venue in the late s. Those freaky longhairs of Bristol alternative collective Plastic Dog put on a weekly residency by local prog rock one-hit-wonders Jig-A-Jig, East of Eden. But booming audience numbers meant that they soon had to decamp down the hill to the much bigger club that was the Granary. And since it closed in , the myths surrounding the club have continued to grow, along with the numbers of people who claim to have been regular visitors back in the day.

Anchor Road behind the library. You could even buy Scampi in a Basket from a funky hole in the wall hatch. Positioned handily opposite the old Bridewell Police Station, this place is - you guessed it - yet another bloody student nightclub. It's gone through a variety of names and is currently called The Syndicate. But back in the late s and early s, it was the Top Rank.

Livermore's People's Palace the new Palace and finally the Gaumont - Now this building in Baldwin Street is an ex night club but at least its fascia remains - In its heyday it took a staff of 40 to run the New Palace under the watchful eye of manager Mr G. The Rank Organisation submitted planning proposals in the s to convert the Gaumont to a Bingo Hall, but this does not appear to have been followed through.

In they applied and received permission to change the building use from a cinema to a discotheque. The present layout of the building is believed to date from this time. Which had a Thursday night rule of girls get in free. Tiffany's, finally closed its doors.

Situated in the Glen, a former quarry on Durdham Down, and run by Mecca Leisure, the club had been providing young Bristolians with a good night out and the possibility of romance for an incredible 25 years.

Formerly known as The Glen, this dance hall at the top of Whiteladies Road was a frugging mecca for generations of Bristolians, renowned for its classy plastic palm trees. In the early '70s, it was also a live music venue under the decidedly non-PC moniker Boobs hey - in the s, they could probably have got away with calling it Titties or Jugs. Thin Lizzy, Motorhead and Hawkwind are among the bands known to have played here. Later in the '70s, Tiffanys had a punk night with live music from the likes of The Clash.

Its was later demolished. The Spire private hospital now occupies the site. Originally it was a heavy metal place called Roxys but went disco after Saturday Night Fever and even had Bristol's first illuminated glass floor and infinity mirrors put in. You're impressed I can tell. There was a car park out the back, it was considered very entertaining to pee off it into Fairfax St.

The Locarno did more gigs than act as a club. In the early days the security was done by Teddy Boys from the ice rink, morons in Crombies who hated the punks that started to play there. This venue in Frogmore Street went through many different names. In the late sixties it was home to the Electric Village prog night, which brought Jimi Hendrix to town in Today, it's been converted into student flats.

I think Raquel's was the first place to have lasers, back when seeing a single red beam slice through some smoke was pretty exciting. They would only switch them on for a short time though and instead of dancing townies would sit down to watch while they jiggled the beam a bit and Be Amazed.

I think there were two nightlcubs close together off of Prince St, one was the Porthouse. Multilevel place with tiny dance floor on the bottom but you could actually get away from it a bit and have a conversation upstairs. The Hofbrauhaus, in All Saints Street, open from There was an admission fee of just 10p plus pub-price drinks and cheap pub grub.

Funny place, part oompah band for various weekend office do's and part Rock venue. If you went regularly they would give you tickets to next week and keep the cycle going. Big Richard the owner was on the door ex-copper. Oldest nightclub in Bristol Full of nurse's and coppers on a night-out!. Story goes that it was mainly there for the benefit of nurses, coppers and others working late shifts to go for a drink.

Most people who went there were faces that owner Richard knew. If you didn't have the face then you had to be a member, to be a member you needed another member. A bunch of tiny cellars decorated in the psychedelic 60's and apparently unchanged since.

Try to avoid seeing it with the lights on. Not a club, The Sedan Chair was a sad and tiny city center pub that always seemed to be struggling. Some bright spark tried the old barmaids in lingerie trick to pull in punters. It caused quite a stir, at least in the media where it got featured on Points West and such.

Just a bit along from the Mandrake on Frogmore was another doorway. This was Golds, small and nothing special. I think it was connected to Bristol Poly somehow because we ended up there once after going to the secret Unity Street Student Bar Stilettos formerly Malt and Hops? Dave Hamilton was a bouncer at Bibas "Big Dave".

Funny little place opposite St Mary Redcliffe, could get a bit rough. Another refuge for those who couldn't get in anywhere else in town. You had to watch where you put your foot in the car park outside it, loads of potholes filled with water. Vadims was at the top of Park Street on the triangle and a bit posey, student territory. The DJ used an converted white piano as the record deck.

There were lots of photo posters of Brigitte Bardot on the walls, based on Film director Roger Vadim. Just next door to the HTV studios. A lot of underage drinking in the Arnos Court bar. For a while there was a "Fun" bar called Bonkers here in the late eighties, dancing on the bar.

Sad and tacky strip club on Park St, long, long gone. Oldest and scariest naked women you would ever see outside of Barrow hospital. These girls had tattoos when it was unusual on anyone except a sailor, as much hair under their arms too. Am I being unfair to the girls! The changing room was next to the gents toilet.

It was a strange place with a tiny dance floor, where the girls would perform their act. Sleazy lunchtime striptease, you can't keep good entertainment away, apparently, and by now Lesters Club in Worrall Road was not alone in advertising its 'girls'. Park Street's well-known Princess Club, billed as the 'ideal businessmen's meeting place', was also offering 'fabulous strips', but this time at the more respectable hour of 9pm until 2am. Bristol once had a great many nightclubs but none of them were as rough as Chasers in Kingswood, i have seen more trouble in there than anywhere in Bristol.

For Kingswood locals, very rough, ok if your looking for a punch up or worse? A Kingswood nightclub that boasts on its website that it provides "the biggest nights out this side of Bristol" was temporarily banned from playing music by a top judge. The proprietors of Chasers Nightclub were hit with the injunction for playing music without a licence. It was once a common sight in Kingswood to see where people have been sick everywhere the morning after and many smashed shop windows. It also staged occasional gigs by indie bands including a bunch of schoolboys called The Coltranes who a few years later had evolved into one of Bristol's finest acts - Strangelove.

Various cafes and shops have inherited the site, most recently Obento Japanese restaurant. Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist Zakk Wylde played a low-key gig here with his band Pride and Glory in the early 90s. Live music was curtailed in Behind Victoria St on St Thomas and still there, this appeared in an old warehouse during the early 80's I think. A brew pub with live music and Real Ale in amusingly varieties like Dogbolter, you could see a lot of students falling over by the end of the night.

The Hawthorns was another haunt, the hotel was also called the Hawthorns, as I recall and on the junction of University Rd. Clifton was popular because of the Coronation Taps, very good value for money getting pissed on Scrumpy. It also nurtured local reggae outfits Talisman and Black Roots. Bullimore attracted plenty of top acts, including Desmond Dekker and, most famously, Bob Marley and the Wailers, who played the Bamboo not long after their Boobs show.

Later, punks rubbed shoulders with the dreads. The club burned down in , shortly before a combo named the Sex Pistols were booked to play on December The Oasis occupied a basement beneath shops in Park Row, with the street entrance a barely noticeable black door with a vinyl canopy above now the Dojo Lounge. It inherited the slightly Middle Eastern decor and arched openings from its previous incarnation when the Oasis had been a club for architects. Richard Sweet purchased the lease in and initially continued to run it as a straight club, but in decided to turn it into a gay club.

The swimming pool was boarded over to form a huge dance floor making it one of the largest gay clubs in Britain. The site had a long history as a sports and then a bingo club since , and since as a dance club. By it was a striptease club called Lesters; in September the owners opened a second club, the Moulin Rouge, at the rear as a discotheque but it was not gay.

The Kray twins were reported to be regular visitors during the late s. Within a few months drag acts were showing and a fancy dress ball was held probably meaning a drag ball. Noise nuisance was a problem; by October the Drum moved into the city centre and the Moulin Rouge reopened. Many of the staff had worked at the Moulin Rouge. It had three floors: The building was demolished and replaced with offices in the s.

It began as the 49 Club and operated over two or three floors of the building, and was run by Wilf, formerly of the Ship Inn at Lower Park Row. Later the top floor re-opened as the Top Deck Club. There was a narrow staircase leading up to a small bar with bench seating, and at the back a record deck near a tiny square of parquet, known optimistically as the dance floor. More than six people trying to dance at once was inviting injury or death.

It was the venue for an HTV documentary filmed on September 13, , following a day in the life of a gay person. The earliest known reference is in Bristol Gay Switchboard day book; in January the Scarlet Coat was being run as a restaurant by two gay women, with women-only discos every Thursday and Saturday night.

The transformation from restaurant to full-time club must have happened shortly afterwards. The owners were a couple called Jane and Bernie. Jane was said to have previously served in the Hong Kong Police. You generally entered it from a doorway in Union Street and went downstairs. The exit was at the back into a courtyard off Fairfax Street.

It was one room with about four rectangular tables with benches on one side, one or two round tables and chairs on the other side with the dance floor in the middle.

In the same premises were occupied by a gay club called Just. It closed in April when the lease was sold to a developer. A big dance club situated in the gap between two former gay venues, the Radnor Hotel and the Elephant. Opened in Autumn in former bank premises, one of the first clubs in the newly gay Old Market area. Opened November 1, A big club and popular from the start, attracting mixed age groups.

It had two bars and an enormous dance floor for those wanting to shake their booty. It re-opened as OMG on December 8, O2 Academy, Frogmore St was originally designed as a 'superclub' back in the days when it was asserted that rock was dead and henceforth da kidz would entertain themselves by shovelling down huge quantities of MDMA and waving their arms in the air to repetitive beats all night.

The roll of honour above the entrance to the Granary club at 32 Welsh Back read like a who's who of prog, metal, classic rock and punk: More than bands squeezed on to its tiny stage between and Originally run as a jazz club by the late Acker Bilk, the Grade II listed Bristol Byzantine building announced its reincarnation as a rock venue on November 15, , with a gig by the great bluesman Muddy Waters.

Its director was legendary local capsizer Tony Bullimore. A grungy, sticky-floored dive, with local bikers serving as 'security', The Granary couldn't have been further removed from today's corporate, elf'n'safety-constrained venues. That's probably why it remains so widely loved, spawning a book The Granary Club: Today, the building has been converted into expensive apartments with a fish restaurant on the ground floor.

The historic Victoria Rooms has had a number of functions over the years. In the s, it was briefly run as a cinema. In the s, several groovy pop happenings took place. The Vic Rooms even formed the backdrop to a promo by bubblegum popsters Edison Lighthouse see above. Pink Floyd played here three times. Since then, bugger all. Promoter Freddy Bannister, who went on to organise the massive s Knebworth festivals, brought the top bands of the mid-sixties to the Corn Exchange between and The Byrds played one of their handful of British dates here in Situated in Waterloo Street, Clifton, this was the hub of the late '60s folk boom in Bristol.

Al Stewart, later of Year of the Cat fame, had a residency at the club and immortalised it in song in Clifton in the Rain on his debut album Bedsitter Images.

The Troubadour closed in Now yet another Stokes Croft hipster hostelry, The Croft was basically a windowless sweatbox at the back of a pub whose glory years were from to Memorable nights at the Croft included Circulus all dressed up in medieval garb to support Witchcraft, Julian Cope turning up in full biker regalia to DJ at a low-key gig by Krautrock titans Michael Rother and Dieter Moebius, and lady duo Harptallica playing Metallica songs on harps in Upstairs was Carwardines which was very much part of the Bristol live music scene in the 70s and early 80s.

It was mainly a folk music venue, but in its later years also staged gigs by Bristol's practitioners of punk and new wave. Hey, these things happen, and look what we got instead of a characterful pub and quirky live music venue - The Spectrum Building. As the name implies, this was a club where West Indian gents would gather to play dominoes. But it also put on live music in the s, with much-loved local acts such as The Losenges being regular visitors.

Notably, Erasure played their very first gig here in November , away from the media spotlight. The club was subsequently demolished. In its place is the Staples car park. But, hey, that's progress.

Nightclub in an old converted mill, saw Tony Blackburn there in the s the building was pulled down to make way for new development. In latter years the large Rummer basement was used as a live music venue named 'The Underground Club'.

A Haunting Manifestation of a man dressed in contemporary clothing was seen in the cellar before quickly vanishing, while the ghost of a woman with long hair has been reported in the bar.

Reginald Keith Davies, B. Parker , Merfyn Wyn Tomos , B. The reflection you are viewing is on the windows of the One Pacific Square Building which is on the west side of the Willamette River. Kaiser and the OCC are on the east side of the river. This was the last stop on Saturday and it was quite the relief to find it so quiet and empty after some crazy queues around the Lloyd's Building and the Gherkin.

I loved the huge concrete slabs and the contrast against the shiny big windows. Mixed in with some crazy angles it all made for a fun shot. Re-invention of an early s office block from Derwent London. Contains elegant and robust modern detailing, the existing concrete frame has been re-used and re-wrapped with a highly energy-efficient glazed skin.

Striking Ian McChesney art piece in foyer and stunning London-wide views from terrace. This Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian example was designed and constructed in The First Herbert and Katherine Jacobs House is located in Westmorland, on the edge of what was at the time the western border of Madison, Wisconsin, approximately one mile south of the famous Unitarian Meeting House.

You can find out more about Usonia 1 at www. Hope you all had a nice holiday season. Looking forward to catching up on your photostreams sometime today or tomorrow. This photo, originally posted www. Alec Guiness, unfortunately, is missing. Durham Baths has been abandoned for a number of years and has been a target for chavs, delinquints, urban explorers and last night 4 people intend on a bit of light painting.

Taken on the Monona Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin. The convention center is built overlooking the shores of Lake Monona. This photo acompanies an online travel diary that we wrote while travelling around the world for a year. The first part of the diary for this set Malacca can be found here.

I was sitting in one of your seats! Thanks to all my Contacts who have already added me as a contact here on my second site too! This is for you My first site is here: Here's my flower set from my other account Related groups — Ian Lloyd. The message written at Warmley that went all around the world and began: Joyce Gale Warmley. Nepean …April Van Den Beek…..

Nepean …Cynthia Field -Rose….. Nepean …Eileen Melnick Mccarthy….. Nepean …Emma Victoria Smith….. Nepean …Jean Marie Manson….. Nepean …Jo Ann Uline….. Nepean …Leslie Da Silva….. Nepean …Lisa Marie Bambrick….. Nepean …Patrick Nicholas Smith….. North Gower …Ashley Robinson….. North Gower …Georgia Robinson…..

North Gower …Janet Johnston-Vineyard….. North Gower …Julie Poirier….. North Gower …Kim Paley….. North Gower …Marie Dowden….. North Gower …Mark Parry….. North Gower …Mitch Vineyard….. North Gower …Nicole Komendat….. North Gower …Pam Harrison….. North Gower …Rick Poirier….. North Gower …Ronnie Richardson….. North Gower …Susan Gutwin….. North Gower …Tim Stevenson….. North Gower …Vicki Brown….. North Gower …Aaron Derouin…..

Orleans …Carla De Koning….. Orleans …Mary Anne Gillespie….. Orleans …Mary Jane Daluz….. Orleans …Michel St Denis….. Orleans …Rachel Mac Duff….. Orleans …Robert Jr Lefebvre….. Orleans …Tamiko Von Eicken….. Oxford Mills …Jana Ford….. Oxford Mills …Julie Shephard….. Oxford Mills …Kim Hennessy…..

Oxford Mills …Leia Richards….. Oxford Mills …Marvin Kealey….. Oxford Mills …Nadia Diakun-Thibault….. Oxford Mills …Robert Lachance….. Oxford Mills …Aida Izquierdo….. Perth …Anne Marie Gallant….. Petawawa …Kristin De Jong….. Petawawa …Molly Mcinnes Learning….. Petawawa …Nina Di Sabatino….. Plantagenet …Malika Rozon Sibera….. Renfrew …Adrianna Van Zeeland….. Smiths Falls …Fabian Boone…..

Smiths Falls …Garry Mellan….. Smiths Falls …Grace Buffam….. Smiths Falls …Heather Bannon….. Smiths Falls …Jen Cahill….. Smiths Falls …Kat Merrells….. Smiths Falls …Kim Berry….. Smiths Falls …Matthew Pilon….. Smiths Falls …Norma Jones-Myers….. Smiths Falls …Pat Hunter Muldoon….. Smiths Falls …Russell Cowan….. Smiths Falls …Sheena Shilton….. Smiths Falls …Stephen Wintle….. Smiths Falls …Tammy Mulrooney….. Smiths Falls …Tammy Pilon….. Smiths Falls …Tanya Labelle…..

Smiths Falls …Theresa Heaslip….. Smiths Falls …Alan Burgess….. South Mountain …Carolyn Burgess….. South Mountain …Julie Streska….. Albert … Jo Young….. Stittsville …Blake Van Den Heuvel….. Stittsville …Megan Ashlee Bowes…..

Stittsville …Ruth Ann Sullivan….. White Lake …Michelle Brennan….. White Lake …Andrea Harrison….. Green Necks by Ian Sane. In memory of these British Forces personnel, including Ministry of Defence civilians, who gave of their lives in service in Afghanistan by The Happy Rower.

Line 9 To see original size image, select from down arrow menu at bottom right of the image field. Checking out the insane graffiti. Speak To Me by Ian Sane. The City Pedaler by Ian Sane. A glance at Britain's social life in is equally intriguing. Still, it's not all doom and gloom.

Prices have gone up but so has our spending power. The Beatles break up. By the end of the year, each member had released a solo album. The half crown coin ceased to be legal tender. Richard Branson started the Virgin Group with discounted mail-order sales of popular records.

The last forced child migration to Australia took place. Mathematician Alan Baker won a Fields Medal. Computer Floppy Disks Introduced. This report by Amnesty International on the public security crisis in Jamaica.

Lecture 1 In the Beginning Memories of Nightlife, clubbing, bars and entertainment in Bristol by Paul Townsend. At more than IBUs, it will satisfy even the mightiest warrior, as well as the enthusiast alike. Mood Juice Hibiscus Wheat. We read to it, we sing to it, we say soft, nurturing things to it Although this brew is right around a century of IBUs, they balance so smoothly that you better pay close attention: We brewed it On Purpose, and you better drink it that way! Just as the Life of the Warrior is a harsh and bitter one, the Death of a one is a truly Dark matter indeed.

Just as the essence of the Warrior is everlasting… Read More. Just as the essence of the Warrior is everlasting in life, his Death is one for the ages.

With extreme dark notes and just as much Warrior hop-punch as it's predecessor, the taste of this brew is as much an experience as it is anything else. From the school of Hepiveisen C. Here at ManchilD, we believe that beer is meant to be enjoyed wherever and whenever you like. Other breweries will save their "Festival" beer for the… Read More. Other breweries will save their "Festival" beer for the fall, telling you that October is the time for Oktoberfestbiers.

We say a festival is what you make it! United States Home Brewery. Total 2, Unique Monthly 2 You 0. Only beers I have not had. Vintages, Variants, and Out of Production Beers. No beers on this menu fit your search. There was an error while searching. Please try again or change search term. This high gravity mead… Read More A mead that is truly unafraid of its identity.

Black Lite Stout - Other The only lite beer you can't shine a light through, this light bodied stout has a black kick with the light refreshing finish of refreshing darkness.

Read More The only lite beer you can't shine a light through, this light bodied stout has a black kick with the light refreshing finish of refreshing darkness. Used to secure the current whereabouts of the ManchilD estate, the brewery would be lost without this… Read More A ManchilDish take on the traditional favorite.

Lager - Pale This refreshingly light bodied lager is the perfectly ManchilDish way to enjoy a Summer day. With just a hint of honey adding a subtle sweetness, you'll… Read More This refreshingly light bodied lager is the perfectly ManchilDish way to enjoy a Summer day.