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MSCI reserves the right to restrict or remove access to this data without notice. The eligible securities are ranked in the decreasing order of free float-adjusted market capitalization. The EM 50 Index also applies eligibility screens to exclude some of the smallest Emerging Markets countries and uses depositary receipts for certain markets that are less accessible to foreign investors. The index is designed to serve as the basis for derivative contracts, exchange traded funds and other passive investment products.

At each full semi-annual index review, the number of constituents is restored to Between these reviews the number of index constituents may differ from due to deletions resulting from corporate events on existing constituents. The index has a base date of December 31, With 42 constituents as of Dec. The MSCI Philippines Index is a free-float adjusted market capitalization weighted index that is designed to track the equity market performance of Philippine securities listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange.

The MSCI Singapore Free Index is a free-float adjusted market capitalization weighted index that is designed to track the equity market performance of Singapore securities listed on Singapore Stock Exchange.

The index has a base date of December 31, and uses "foreign" prices instead of local prices when available. The MSCI Thailand Index is a free-float adjusted market capitalization weighted index that is designed to track the equity market performance of Thai securities listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Market for Alternative Investments. A wide variety of financial products are based on or use MSCI indexes, including ETFs, mutual funds, insurance products, structured products, OTC derivatives and listed futures and options.

Index Licensing For over 40 years investors have relied on the strength of MSCI's indexing expertise and its comprehensive range of global equity indexes. China Bearing Singapore Ltd. China Dairy Group Ltd.

China Environmental Resources Group Limited. China Fashion Holdings Limited. China Essence Group Ltd. China Farm Equipment Limited. China Fishery Group Limited. China Flexible Packaging Holdings Limited. China Great Land Holdings Ltd. China Hongcheng Holdings Limited. China Hongxing Sports Limited. China Infrastructure Holdings Limited. China Jishan Holdings Limited. China Kangda Food Company Limited. China Kunda Technology Holdings Limited. China Merchants Holdings Pacific Ltd.

China Merchants Property Development Co. China Milk Products Group Limited. China Paper Holdings Limited. China Print Power Group Limited.

China Sports International Limited. China Sunsine Chemical Holdings Ltd. China Yuanbang Property Holdings Limited. China Zaino International Limited. ChinaVision Media Group Limited. Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd. Chuan Hup Holdings Ltd. Combine Will International Holdings Limited. Compact Metal Industries Limited. Confidence Petroleum India Limited. Cosco Corporation S Limited.

Cougar Logistics Corporation Ltd. Courage Marine Group Limited. Creative Master Bermuda Limited. Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited. Darco Water Technologies Limited. Del Monte Pacific Limited. Design Studio Furniture Manufacturer Ltd. Devotion Energy Group Limited. Dragon Group International Limited. Eagle Brand Holdings Limited. Eng Kong Holdings Limited. Etika International Holdings Limited. Eu Yan Sang International Ltd.

F J Benjamin Holdings Ltd. Falcon Energy Group Limited. Federal International Ltd. First Real Estate Investment Trust. First Ship Lease Trust. FirstLink Investments Corporation Limited. Food Empire Holdings Limited. Food Junction Holdings Limited.

Foreland Fabrictech Holdings Limited. Fortune Real Estate Investment Trust. Freight Links Express Holdings Limited. Fu Yu Corporation Limited. Full Apex Holdings Limited. Fung Choi Media Group Limited.

Fuxing China Group Limited. Gems TV Holdings Limited. Giant Wireless Technology Limited. Global Tech Hldgs Limited. Global Testing Corporation Limited. Global Yellow Pages Limited. GP Batteries International Limited. Grand Banks Yachts Limited. Great Eastern Hldgs Ltd. Great Group Holdings Limited. Gul Technologies Singapore Limited.

GK Goh Holdings Limited. Hai Leck Holdings Limited. Health Management International Ltd. Heng Long International Ltd. HG Metal Manufacturing Ltd. Hiap Seng Engineering Limited. HL Global Enterprises Limited. Ho Bee Investment Ltd. Hock Lian Seng Holdings Limited. Hoe Leong Corporation Ltd. Hong Fok Corporation Ltd. Hong Leong Asia Ltd. Hong Leong Finance Limited. Hongguo International Holdings Limited. Hongkong Land Holdings Limited. Hor Kew Corporation Ltd.

Hotel Grand Central Ltd. Hotung Investment Holdings Limited. Hsu Fu Chi International Limited. Huan Hsin Holdings Limited. Hwa Hong Corporation Limited. Indofood Agri Resources Ltd. Internet Technology Group Limited. IPC Group of Companies. Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited. Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited. Jel Corporation Holdings Ltd. Jets Technics International Holdings Limited.

Jiutian Chemical Group Limited. Joyas International Holdings Limited. Karin Technology Holdings Limited. Khong Guan Flour Milling Limited. Kian Ann Engineering Limited. Kian Ho Bearings Limited. Koh Brothers Group Limited. KS Energy Services Limited. Lee Kim Tah Holdings Limited. Lee Metal Group Ltd. Lian Beng Group Limited. Liang Huat Aluminium Limited. Lion Teck Chiang Limited. Low Keng Huat Singapore Limited.

Lum Chang Holdings Limited. Lung Kee Bermuda Holdings Limited. Luxking Group Holdings Limited. Luye Pharma Group Ltd. Luzhou Bio-Chem Technology Limited. Lyxor China H Lyxor Hang Seng Index Fund Lyxor Japan Topix Fund Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited. Pacific Andes Holdings Ltd. Pacific Century Regional Developments Limited. Pacific Healthcare Holdings Ltd. Pan Hong Property Group Limited. Pan Pacific Hotels Group Limited. People's Food Holdings Limited.

Poh Tiong Choon Logistics Limited. Powermatic Data Systems Limited. Qian Hu Corporation Limited. R H Energy Ltd. Raffles Education Corporation Limited. Raffles Medical Group Limited. Ryobi Kiso Holdings Ltd. Saizen Real Estate Investment Trust. Samudera Shipping Line Limited. SC Global Developments Ltd. Second Chance Properties Limited. See Hup Seng Limited. Shanghai Asia Holdings Limited. Shanghai Turbo Enterprises Ltd. Sim Lian Group Limited.

Sin Ghee Huat Corporation Ltd. Sin Heng Heavy Machinery Limited. Singapore Reinsurance Corporation Limited. Singapore Shipping Corporation Limited. Singapore Technologies Engineering Limited. Singapore Windsor Holdings Limited.

Sky China Petroleum Services Ltd.